PATH COFFEE ROASTERS Presents a Sweet Holiday Offer

biscotti-coffee-pairing-fall[116]November 5, 2013, Westchester County, NY: PATH COFFEE ROASTERS, a Port Chester, NY based micro-roaster and the producer of small batch premium coffee, teams up with Cathy’s Biscotti and Sweet Treats of White Plains, NY to create a perfect pairing just in time for the holidays. The “Holiday Gift” offer consists of a 6-count bag of Cathy’s Biscotti and a 12oz. bag of Path Coffee for $22.58. Customers can order online and choose their favorite biscotti flavor and coffee varietal for a perfect match.
Cathy’s Biscotti are baked from scratch and are hand crafted using the finest ingredients: sweet cream butter, fresh eggs, Callebaut cocoa and bittersweet chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, roasted nuts, fruits, spices, and pure citrus oils and zests. The quality of ingredients and the love that is baked into each batch is reminiscent of a simpler way of baking.
Path coffees are roasted in small, 30 pound batches under the watchful eyes of Path coffee roasters Jason Richter and Johnny Stevenson, ensuring a consistent and quality product that delivers a superior flavor profile. Seasonal coffees currently being offered:
Our micro-lot San Juanillo, Costa Rica comes from the Naranjo region and is carefully produced by Carlos Haug and his family. Agricola San Juanillo is located in the San Juan region of Naranjo where the climate is perfect for producing coffee with an intense, sweet cup. There are notes of sweet balanced lemon, toasted pretzel and cocoa.
Konga is a micro-region of Yirgacheffe. This is an heirloom varietal, naturally existing and changing through cross-pollination. Our Konga is grown around 2200m, this makes the fruit ripen more quickly and develop earthy, round tasting notes. The beans are left to dry inside the fruit, giving it a strong citrus flavor. This is a coffee that is delicate in flavor, with a soft, luscious mouth feel.
Crosshatch is a distinct blend of Central American and African coffees. This unique but approachable blend is well balanced with flavors of salted caramel and fruit compote.
Our newest coffee from Central America, La Camiseta and is balanced and geographically interesting. It is from a group of farms called the Baru Indian Highland Estates, located along and up a mountain towards the peak of the Baru volcano. What we find most endearing about this coffee is its wonderful lingering aftertaste. Light-medium body, sweet floral, toasted almond and caramel notes with balanced acidity.
From a small collection of farmers located near the Koruga Mill. This coffee is processed using a wet method- the beans are then arranged in the sun to dry. Full body and delicate hints of cinnamon bark really show just what an interesting and advanced growing region Papua New Guinea has become. Salted toffee, baking spices with balanced acidity.
Feather in Cap is an espresso we spent a lot of time developing in order to create a roast that was not only tasty, but surprisingly unique. This espresso will jump out at you and make you question your idea of what an espresso should taste like. The flavors are most closely associated with buttered toast, brown sugar and currant.
We wanted to source a clean tasting, rich decaf that came across as a true caffeinated coffee. We landed on a wonderfully smooth Colombian Mountain Water Processed decaf that does exactly that. For decaf coffee drinkers, this is definitely the one to try.
Path Coffee and Cathy’s Biscotti are excited to be working together and to offer this holiday package to their customers.
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