Caturra Coffee And Ally Brazillian Coffee Merge

[wpg width=”300″ height=”175″ align=”right”]We are pleased to announce that Caturra Coffee Corporation from Elmsford, NY and Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants from Planation, FL have reached an agreement to merge the two companies. Bob Phillips and Marco Figueiredo have dedicated the last several weeks to work the operation details.
Together we believe the merger will promote diversification to better serve the coffee industry. We are very excited about this new venture for our clients, where our goal is to provide better service and products.
The new venture promotes a specialty coffee division offering coffees from all over the world, while building on current relationships with some of the finest roasting companies in the world.
The group will operate under Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants, located in Plantation, Florida while Bob Phillips will continue to work from Elmsford, NY.
Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants purpose is to bring transparency and trust to the coffee chain by pursuing quality, creating sustainable partnerships and promoting integration and knowledge.
Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants operates under the Brazilian holding Montesanto Tavares, which consist of coffee farms, mills and warehousing, logistics, exporting and importing companies.

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