Dilworth Coffee Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary With Free Coffee Day

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Media Contact: Jeff Vojta, President, Stockton Graham & Co. ®, 919-881-8271, vojta@stocktongraham.com

Dilworth Coffee® Celebrates 25 Years of Craft-Roasting Coffee with Free Coffee Day
Charlotte-based coffee roaster celebrates its 25th year in business this November.

Charlotte, NC – Don Keen, founder of Dilworth Coffee®, Charlotte’s original specialty coffeehouse, announced that the company will celebrate 25 years of craft roasting in November. To honor this celebration, the company invites guests to enjoy a Free Coffee Day featuring the 25th anniversary coffee, Organic Willow Oak Estate Blend, on November 18, 2014 at all area Dilworth Coffeehouse locations. Guests will receive a free, freshly brewed cup of Organic Willow Oak Estate. A limited edition anniversary mug will also be available free with purchase of a pound of the anniversary coffee. Don Keen will make an appearance at the Dilworth Coffee Highland Creek on Prosperity Church Rd. from 10:00 am-12:00pm and will be at Dilworth Coffeehouse at Southpark Mall from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm on November 18th.

“I believe the 25th Anniversary Organic Willow Oak Estate Blend recaptures the spirit of Dilworth Coffee in a great tasting, all organic blend of three coffees,” said Keen. “This coffee was developed in cooperation with our exclusive roaster Stockton Graham & Co. who are also celebrating 20 years in specialty coffee roasting.”

When Don and Alyene Keen opened the original Dilworth Coffeehouse in 1989, they had one goal: to start a small business that introduces customers to Italian-style espresso beverages and specialty coffee. Twenty-five years later, Dilworth Coffee is known for their craft-roasted specialty coffee in the Charlotte area. Today there are four Dilworth Coffeehouse locations, and the company sells its beans to 100s outlets nationwide. The Dilworth Coffee brand is a testament to the passion and dedication the Keen’s had to their dream, and the Organic Willow Oak Estate Blend is a tribute to their craft. The blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees offers a perfect balance of mild chocolate and spicy notes with a silky body.

About Dilworth Coffee®:
Founded in 1989, Dilworth Coffee is Charlotte’s original gourmet coffee roaster and coffeehouse supplier. Dilworth serves coffeehouses, espresso bars, specialty retailers and cafés throughout the nation. Dilworth Coffee is known for its exceptional coffee beverages, fresh roasted coffee beans and unique proprietary blends. Dilworth Coffee has a reputation for exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Key Facts
• Oldest gourmet coffee roaster and coffeehouse supplier in Charlotte
• Founded in Charlotte in 1989
• National distributor of craft-roasted beans

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