International Women’s Coffee Alliance Joins Forces

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) and Earth’s Choice Women of Coffee Microfinance Fund have joined forces to form a powerful platform that will connect women entrepreneurs in the coffee industry to financing.  Utilizing the IWCA network of chapters, Earth’s Choice will expand access to its financing system based on the proven Grameen Bank microfinance methodology.  Improved access to capital will bring critical stability to women, their families and communities as these female entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses.  Earth’s Choice reports that women who have participated in its programs demonstrate an increase in their incomes.  This allows them to gain better access to healthcare and education, providing healthier diets for their children while maintaining their valuable coffee forests.

“IWCA is proud to align with Earth’s Choice to provide micro-financing for women-owned businesses in the coffee industry.”  Desiree Logsdon, President of IWCA

“What do women want?  Access to credit and access to markets.   Together we leverage possibilities for coffee women globally.” Karen Cebreros, Founder/President of Earth’s Choice and co-founder of IWCA

About IWCA:
IWCA is a global network representing a variety of roles within the coffee industry and supply chain. This virtual, all-volunteer network advocates for the reduction of barriers to resources, while creating a forum to connect with other women throughout the coffee value chain. The goal is to empower women with the knowledge and monetary support that will shift their role from one of voiceless laborers to leaders of sustainable, profitable businesses. The women and men of IWCA are dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of women in the coffee industry along the entire supply chain through collaboration, education, training, workshops, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

About Earth’s Choice Women of Coffee Microfinance:
Earth’s Choice Women of Coffee Microfinance fund gets to the heart of poverty by providing a creative and sustainable approach to economic equality and community-owned development. Earth’s Choice has customized the proven “Grameen Bank” microfinance methodology specifically for women-owned businesses.  By connecting directly to women coffee producers through their local cooperatives and community businesses, Earth’s Choice provides seed money for affordable revolving loans that become self-sustaining over time. The loan fund allows women to start and expand small businesses related to farming and trade in their communities.

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