Thomas Perez, former CEO of Bodum becomes CEO of Alpha Dominche Ltd.

Salt Lake City, UT – November 19, 2014 – Alpha Dominche, Ltd.® has announced that Thomas Perez has been appointed as CEO of Alpha Dominche, Ltd.® effective October 27th, 2014.

Thomas served as President and CEO for Bodum’s North/South American operation for the last 7 years and was instrumental in building the Bodum reputation as the leading brand for coffee and tea equipment in North America.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Thomas began his career in the tabletop and housewares industry with the Danish company, Royal Copenhagen. He later became the export director for Royal Scandinavia, overseeing 45 countries, including the USA.

In 2000, Thomas began working with Bodum in Switzerland to build the Bodum brand in export markets around the world. In 2003, Thomas moved to Sydney, Australia to set up the Bodum organizations in New Zealand and Australia with the aim of building the brand in the region. After successful implementation, Thomas became responsible for developing Bodum in Asia and the Pacific, and in 2007 was on the path to become the new CEO of North/South America.

Thomas comments, “My love and passion for the coffee and tea world has continuously evolved over the years of traveling from Europe through Australia to the USA. The coffee and tea scene has never been more exciting and as loaded with as many opportunities as there are today. There are so many amazing things happening from revolutionary farming and roasting techniques to unique craft brewing methodology, distribution and end customer experience. It is clear that our Steampunk technology is a tool for the coffee community to take all of these things to a completely different level in brewing perfection. I’m thrilled to join the Alpha Dominche team to help build the future of commercial brewing.”

Alpha Dominche, Ltd.® is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All Steampunk® machines are designed and built under one roof with equal emphasis on innovation, craftsmanship and development. The “Steampunk” is a globally recognized commercial coffee brewer that has presence in several high-end coffees and tea shops around the world.  Alpha Dominche means “first of its kind,” and this approach to designing brewing equipment offers a new path forward for the industry. For more information, visit

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