Auroma Brewing Co. Announces the Auroma One Coffee Machine, Combining Food Science and Mobile Technology to Brew the Perfect Cup

Auroma Brewing Co., creators of innovative and affordable brewing equipment for coffee lovers, today announces the Auroma One, an automated coffee system that utilizes science and technology to consistently make the perfect cup of coffee by controlling all parameters involved – including grind size, temperature, coffee-to-water ratio and total dissolved coffee. The Auroma One is available today for pre-order through Kickstarter at a discounted price off the MSRP.

Designed to grow with each coffee lover, the Auroma One learns taste profiles over time. With each cup, users rate different experiential factors such as bitterness, texture and strength on the companion app. The machine then utilizes these ratings in a closed loop to deliver a cup of coffee that is tailored to individualized preferences. In addition, the Auroma offers users the ability to brew the same bean three different ways to find the perfect cup, or sample small brews of different beans to find new flavors. Once the user has defined their preferences, the device remembers and replicates those parameters, enabling consistent coffee daily as well as boundless exploration in the world of coffee.

“There are two main types of coffee drinkers who benefit from Auroma: those who value consistency and others who want to explore and discover new flavor profiles,” said Ornicha Srimokla, co-founder of Auroma Brewing Co. “Neither has the time to learn and control the individual elements involved in making a great cup of coffee and, often times, convenience takes precedence. The Auroma One brings the knowledge and skills of a well-trained barista and roaster to your countertop.”

With the Auroma One, coffee enthusiasts have the power to:

Create coffee that is uniquely tailored to individual preferences. Within the Auroma Coffee app, users rate features such as bitterness, texture and caffeine kick after each individual cup of coffee. After interpreting the user’s responses, the device adjusts for the next cup according to input preferences.

Translate feedback and adapt brewing functionality. In order to apply desired flavor profiles to each cup, the Auroma Coffee Machine translates parameters across roasts. For example, if a user enjoys bean A, which has higher acidity and lighter body, but switches to bean B, which has lower acidity and heavier body, the machine will adjust, recognizing preferred qualities from bean A and highlighting them in bean B.

Explore brewing methods and coffee roasts to discover the “perfect cup.” To encourage coffee lovers to experiment with different flavors, the Auroma has an integrated “tasting flight” functionality. Choose to brew three different types of coffee in three separate shots, or one type of coffee brewed three different ways, and try them consecutively to discover favorite roast flavors and brew methods.

Order favorite flavors and adjust recipes through an exclusive brewer platform. Once the machine learns the user’s taste profile, it will recommend specific beans from a set of chosen partner roasters, according to what that consumer might like. Additionally, the machine will suggest ways to adjust the base recipe, and tailor the end result according to their palate.

The first generation of the Auroma One is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at a dawn riser price of $250 and shipping to backers in September 2016. The Auroma One will go to market in September 2016 for $299. To pre-order the Auroma One or to learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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