BioPak donates one per cent of its profits for rainforest protection.

BioPak has announced its continuing commitment to the planet through a partnership with the environmental charity Rainforest Rescue, helping protecting rainforests forever.
BioPak, Australia’s leading provider of environmentally sustainable packaging, is on a mission to lead the way in caring for the planet. The new commitment sees BioPak donating 1% of its profits to protect internationally important rainforest by working in partnership with Rainforest Rescue.
The partnership is targeting vulnerable lowland rainforest positioned between the Wet Tropics of Queensland and Great Barrier Reef UNESCO World Heritage Areas. This internationally important rainforest is under threat from land clearance, introduction of non-native invasive species and inappropriate development.
‘Business today also has a responsibility towards the environment – we cannot keep endlessly extracting resources without consequence, said BioPak founder Richard Fine.
‘Air, water, biodiversity, renewable resources are the very building blocks upon which a successful business is built. This is why we seek out opportunities to contribute towards the restoration and protection of areas that have been damaged or polluted due to careless human activity. Partnering with Rainforest Rescue has enabled us to achieve this and affect real change,’ he added.
Working together, Rainforest Rescue and BioPak are protecting rainforest in the Daintree at Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road. BioPak are expanding their stewardship of the rainforest by becoming Rainforest Rescue’s first business partner to protect two hectares of Lot 46 and adopting 2,500 native seedlings to regenerate sections of the forest.
“We’re really exited to be working with BioPak and their investment in the conservation and enhancement of an internationally important habitat.”  Says Julian Gray, CEO Rainforest Rescue
“BioPak’s commitment will help us create biodiversity corridors in the Daintree lowland rainforest helping build resilience against development, invasive species and wider climate change.”
Australia has the oldest rainforest in the world going back to the Cretaceous era more than 135 million years ago – almost 70 million years before the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Daintree is a vulnerable and special landscape. It hosts a bio-diverse ecosystem that can be found nowhere else in the world and is of international conservation importance. The partnership between BioPak and Rainforest rescue is a great step forward in helping protect the unprotected.

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