Give The Gift That Awakens The Holidays: Vega CoffeeTM

Estelí, Nicaragua  (2015) –With 75% of Americans admitting they have lied about liking their holiday present  and over 3.2 million items returned two weeks after last Christmas , finding a thoughtful gift that loved ones will enjoy beyond the holidays can be challenging. Fortunately, to help take the stress out of holiday shopping, Vega CoffeeTM provides high quality, ethically sourced, customizable Gift Subscriptions that friends and family members can enjoy all year long.

With a Vega CoffeeTM Gift Subscription friends and family customize their small batch, single-origin specialty coffee order to fit their personal preferences, so gift givers can relax knowing recipients are getting exactly what they want!

Every Vega Coffee Gift Subscription Features:

•    Gift email with personalized note
•    Option for your recipient to select light, medium or dark roast
•    Option for your recipient to select whole or ground beans

Friends and family can enjoy each cup knowing that all Vega Coffee is freshly roasted specialty grade, ethically sourced, single-origin Arabica.  Vega Coffee is committed to sourcing only coffee that is cultivated in a manner that respects the earth –shade-grown and without chemicals—and partners with small-scale farmers and women-owned farmer cooperatives in Nicaragua.  Each bean is selected at the farm level for quality, and Vega Coffee spends hours tweaking the roast profiles so that each roasts show off the coffee’s unique flavor profile, highlighting all the goodness –from delicate floral to robust spicy notes. All coffee is shipped within 5 days of roasting so recipients can enjoy the incredible aroma and flavor of fresh beans straight from the farm. With Vega Coffee Gift Subscription loved ones will receive a delicious, unique and ethically sourced gift that they can savor all year long

“We took the stress out of gift giving and gave people the easy, unique, and delicious option of sharing their love of coffee,” says Noushin Ketabi, Vega Coffee Founder. “With Vega Coffee’s premium and customizable Gift Subscriptions, consumers will know their gift will be enjoyed and that their purchase is helping support coffee farming communities in Nicaragua.”

About Vega CoffeeTM

Founded in 2014, Vega Coffee hopes to change the world by bringing farmers and coffee lovers together to create a more equitable and fulfilling coffee experience. Their roasting and processing center is located in Estelí, Nicaragua, right in the heart of Nicaraguan coffee country. Vega Coffee empowers farmers and women-owned farming cooperatives with extensive training in roasting techniques and quality control, building networks among farmers to optimize old and new world techniques, exchange advice and collaborate to bring customers the very best coffee possible. Through Vega Coffee’s innovative model, coffee farmers earn 4x more income, while coffee lovers enjoy top-quality specialty coffee at a value –fostering a more equitable, sustainable and efficient alternative to the current coffee market.
For more information about Vega Coffee, visit Find Vega Coffee on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@VegaCoffee). For media inquiries and requests for hi-res images, samples or an opportunity to interview Vega Coffee Founder Noushin Ketabi, please contact Rajan De Los Santos at 805-969-3744.

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