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rubin2It is far too easy to take for granted the people in our lives. Life gets busy, personal and professional demands overtake our days, and we find ourselves propelled through the days, turning into weeks, and months striking items off our to-do lists, dealing with the deluge of details in the day-to-day, almost lulled into a dreamlike state of the regular routine. This weekend at Coffee Fest Anaheim I was jolted back to awareness. If you have spent much time in the industry, you probably already understand. Coffee people are like family. There exists a sense of community that spans the continents connecting us together.

Last month our industry lost one of its pioneers. Michael Rubin was a passionate proponent of quality, a caring individual, and dear friend. We started our business around the same time and his courage and caring during the early years of entrepreneurial challenge were inspiring. Michael created a successful business. But I think far more important, Michael created a successful life. He had a gift for finding the positive side, for appreciating the little things, and for giving back.

Michael you will be missed.

rubincappuccine“I enjoy the personal growth that comes with learning from the ever-changing challenges we face in our business life. I am grateful for competition, a force by its nature designed to make us evolve, or we can become a couch potato. Competition spends $$$’s on our behalf when they advertise their business. 

They validate our category simply by actively existing. They can be scary and yet in the light of day may or may not be friendly but they are a friend. What is most important in life. Number one, my family, spending time with my Wife Elena, playing with my Daughter Juliet. There is nothing better. Playing competitive basketball is near the top of my list. It keeps me young at heart.”

Michael Rubin

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