Merlo launches Coffee 3 Ways

Merlo launches Coffee 3 Ways
One magnificent bean, brewed three ways
Queensland coffee roaster at the forefront of latest coffee trends

A new High Coffee experience has been announced by the coffee dons of Queensland – Merlo Coffee has this week unveiled Coffee 3 Ways, the ultimate coffee tasting experience featuring the classic espresso, filtered V60 and the Aeropress brewing methods, transforming a simple shot of coffee into a tasting journey.

Coffee 3 Ways is available at all ten (10) Merlo Torrefaziones in South East Queensland, and is only available with the Bean of the Month – in November this is the El Salvador La Montanita (see below imagery for detail on this bean). The Merlo Barista brews three shots of the Bean of the Month in three different ways, and presents the shots on a customised wooden platter. All three shots are to be tasted with no additives (milk or sugars), with the aim to celebrate the true essence and origin of the bean.

Dean Merlo, founder, explains: “Coffee 3 Ways has been developed to broaden our customers’ coffee knowledge and experience, it is an extension of our Bean of the Month program, to further celebrate the program and the very specific flavour of each Bean of the Month,” he said.

“The three different brewing methods, in the pourover V60, the short black Espresso and the full immersion Aeropress, allow customers to truly taste differences in flavour profiles. It’s an absolute must for coffee aficionados.”

Coffee 3 Ways is available now in all Merlo Torrefaziones for $12 per person. The experience takes up to 15 minutes to prepare.

NOVEMBER Bean of the Month – El Salvador La Montanita
The November Bean of the Month is from Chalatenango, La Montanita – a region in El Salvador dedicated to producing quality coffee. During the 2015/16 crop, 28 small scale producers from this region contributed to the la Montanita blend – de-pulping, washing and drying their own cherries. It is a true coffee collective. La Montanita is part of the Montecristo Trifinio, a tri-border national park shared by El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Designated a biosphere in 2011, the Trifinio area coffees have a unique profile characterised by the microclimate that creates ideal coffee growing conditions between altitudes of 1,300 and 1,500 metres above sea level. Each lot was carefully cupped and selected amongst hundreds to be a part of this blend and contribute to a harmonised profile with notes of milk chocolate and toffee, with a hint of apricot.

Proudly Queensland-based, Merlo has grown to become Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roaster, and now owns and operates 16 of its own cafes in addition to supplying freshly roasted coffee to over 1,000 cafes and restaurants around the country. Merlo also ships coffee online to customers throughout the world.

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