pokito: A Pocket-sized Reusable Cup Has Arrived

LONDON November 17, 2016 – An innovative reusable cup – pokito – is set to launch this week. It’s a stylish, fun and practical alternative to single-use disposable paper cups which cause such environmental damage around the world. It’s ultra portable and super versatile weighing only 100g and adjustable into three different sizes depending on the beverage. Choose the double shot 230ml (8oz) espresso or the medio 350ml (12oz) or a 475ml (16oz) grande. Best of all, when the drink is finished, it crunches down to a few centimetres so it can slip conveniently into a pocket or purse. It’s always handy for a drink on the go.

Pokito is specially designed to meet the highest standards of safety, functionality and convenience. The reinforced middle has dedicated grooves to protect fingers from heat and create a sturdy core to complement its cup’s topple-proof foundation. Surprisingly, this durability does not hinder the cup’s flexibility. After use, it collapses into a pocket-sized disc that is less than 4.5cm (or 2”) thick. It’s manufactured 100 percent in the United Kingdom using European quality materials that are FDA approved, heat resistant and dishwasher proof, as well as taste and odour-free. It’s tough too – it’s been tested to last over 1,500 uses.

Pokito also features a spill-proof lid that clicks to shut to seal in liquid and prevent leaks. No detail has been overlooked, even drinking from the cup is enhanced by the raised lip that regulates an even flow of liquid and prevents drips.

“After noticing a mountain entirely clear cut of its trees on the west coast of Vancouver Island I wondered what the lumber would be used for. I was shocked to learn that much of it was destined to be made into disposable paper cups that, after five minutes of convenience, would most likely end up in the landfill. Knowing that many people have bought reusable cups but seldom use them, I was inspired to invent a better one. My idea was simple: a reusable cup that … errr … people reuse!” explains Andrew Brooks, the creator of pokito.

Brooks is no novice when it comes to this kind of project. Brooks has been involved with the launch of several household consumer products and managed several commercial and residential property developments as well. Pokito has evolved from a simple idea in 2012 and has undergone extensive testing and fine tuning to the tiniest detail. Pokito is set to hit retail shelves in early 2017.

It’s possible to order a pokito before anyone else exclusively through a Kickstarter campaign which starts on Wednesday, October 26. During this time, they will be available for a significant discount on their retail value. Pokitos are currently being offered in a variety of flavours – cherry,
blueberry, lime, pumpkin, and blackberry – but there are plans for more options in the near future.

Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/2f46E56

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