Designed With Good Vibes: Swell Coffee Co. Releases New Branding

swellbag-360Designed With Good Vibes: Swell Coffee Co. Releases New Branding
New creative showcases ethical relationships with coffee farmers worldwide

SAN DIEGO, November 15, 2016 – Swell Coffee Co., a locally owned and sustainable coffee roaster, introduces the latest improvement to its line of responsibly roasted coffees – new branding. With new bags that spotlight the source and tasting notes of each blend of coffee beans, Swell distinguishes its ethical sourcing practices that profit the families farming coffee beans around the world.

“While designing the new bags, I constantly kept Swell’s mission in mind– sipping locally and doing good globally,” says Swell Coffee Co. Brand Manager Jared Wardle. “The project became less about the design itself and more about what the design says about our product. We want customers to know how much we genuinely care about the journey our coffee takes before it reaches their mugs.”

The newly designed bags draw inspiration from Swell’s core values – caring for the environment and commitment to ethical practices. An abstract wave illustrated in shades of blue sweeps across the black and white background of each bag proudly crafted in surf-centric San Diego. A vibrant sticker tops the package, boldly colored and labeled with the source of each coffee blend. The front face of the product shouts the mantra that Swell has built its brand around – “Coffee Roasted in Small Batches – Served with Good Vibes.”

The new branding comes fresh off the heels of Swell’s newly expanded 2,287-square-foot roasting facility, which houses a top-of-the-line coffee roaster. The local company is best known for its signature Beach Goth blend, described as “dark, sinful and complex.” Swell crafts its coffee in San Diego, but sources beans from the passionate and talented people farming coffee in Peru, Ethiopia, Burundi, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Swell coffee is available online or at its two retail locations in Del Mar and Mission Beach. For more information on Swell Coffee Co., please visit


About Swell Coffee Co.: Swell Coffee Co. is an artisan coffee roasting company located in San Diego, featuring direct trade coffees from around the world. Its coffees are the flavorful work of the craftsmen and women who attend to every step in the process– from the farm to the roaster and to the cup. You can find its coffees on the shelves of local grocery stores, served fresh at local restaurants and cafes, at one of its Swell Coffee Co. locations in Mission Beach and Del Mar or at

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