The View

Welcome to our Sustainability issue. Having just read all of the articles in this issue, I am inspired and invigorated by our industry. In this issue, you will find articles ranging from “Ending Poverty through Gender Equality,” thanks, Kelle Vandenberg, to the creating the “Perfection Process” of authentic craft coffee from Rocky Rhodes. As usual, much of the focus is on quality as well as sustainability with Tom Harding finishing up our two-part series on Building Sustainable Organic Systems. Spencer Turer makes a great contribution reminding us that “Specialty Coffee is a Matter of Choice; Not a Beverage of Chance.” Ed Arvidson helps keep the focus on profitability by giving a primer on “Cost of Goods.” And Dean Cycon’s “Tales from Origin” reminds us of the incredible hardships faced by many. Wendy Burton of World Tree shows us a shining example of making a difference in the world.

Making a Difference Winning Project Announced

Congratulations go to The Coffee Trust and their project, The Food Sovereignty Cycle, the 2016 winner of CoffeeTalk’s Making a Difference! As the most-read project in the year’s issue, it will receive a direct donation from CoffeeTalk for $1000. I hope you get a chance to read about this project impacting families in Guatemala. You can view it online at

The Legend Continues

Dr. Ernesto Illy & Kerri Goodman, mid 1990’s

Twenty-five years ago, the coffee world was changed forever by a passionate visionary who had a dream to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who grow it. Dr. Ernesto Illy was the original pioneer of “Direct Trade” relationships, and a good friend and mentor to me as an Advisory Board member at the very beginning of CoffeeTalk.  Adam Paige of illy caffe shares with us a bit of history behind the first Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award being held November 1st in New York at the United Nations. I am honored to have been selected to be a member of the international jury for the competition.

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