New Steep & Strain Ceramic Tea Mug by Kiss Me Organics Now Available…

It’s something new that can’t be found elsewhere, and it’s quite an ingenious invention.”

— Meghan Gallagher

Kiss Me Organics is adding a new product to its inventory – the Essentials Steep &Strain Ceramic Tea Mug with stainless steel tea infuser. The company is well known for its premium high quality organic teas and coffee, with a strong focus on the health benefits of its products. The Steep &Strain Ceramic Tea Mug is a new addition to the Essentials Collection, which includes teapots, tea strainers and other useful accessories.

The new product is already becoming a popular item. Meghan Gallagher, Kiss Me Organics spokesperson, explains why: “It’s something new that can’t be found elsewhere, and it’s quite an ingenious invention. It allows you to brew a single cup of tea without the need for a teapot and a separate strainer. It’s insulated, to keep your tea hot, and it even comes with two special lids.”

The Steep &Strain Ceramic Tea Mug comes with a stainless steel tea strainer that has ultra tiny holes designed to keep the tea leaves out of the tea and a heat resistant handle. It also features an insulated thermo double wall design. Two lids are included in the set: a ceramic lid keeps the tea hot while it’s steeping, and a well-fitting silicone lid to use for drinking on the go. The mug and strainer are easy to wash, and there are five different attractive designs to choose from.

The product is ideal for all loose teas, especially those with finer leaves because of the ultra small strainer holes. Although the mug was designed to brew tea, it will also be appreciated by coffee drinkers for its sheer convenience, practicality, and ability to keep the beverage hot for an extended period of time.

In keeping with company policy, the Steep &Strain Ceramic Tea Mug is made from top quality materials and workmanship, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. As Meghan points out, the mug will be appreciated by office workers and commuters, and would make a great gift.

About Kiss Me Organics:

The company was originally founded by Anthony Codispoti, who, on a quest to improve his own quality of life, discovered the powerful health benefits of tea. The company tests all of its tea products in U.S. laboratories, the results of which are freely available to the public.

The Steep &Strain Ceramic Tea Mug is available on Amazon.



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