GoSili® Introduces GoSili To Go Coffee Cup, First Silicone To Go Coffee Cup That Holds Its Shape

Traverse City, MI – (November 2017) –GoSili®, the designer and manufacturer of silicone tableware products for the family introduces the GoSili To-Go Coffee Cup, the only microwave and dishwasher safe all silicone reusable to-go coffee cup that can hold its shape.

In today’s retail environment, there is an excessive amount of plastic table wares linked to negative health and environmental issues. GoSili is the first brand which focuses on creating silicone products that have high-end design at affordable prices competing directly with plastic. The company is dedicated to building a social movement away from toxic and unsustainable plastic wares by providing the alternative to them. With increasing brand awareness and larger distribution, GoSili is creating a cultural shift away from the overuse of these “throw away” plastics. As GoSili continues to grow its brands, the primary goal is to promote the silicone benefit, lead the industry and change the way we live.


With 100 billion disposable cups going into landfills each year, the GoSili Cup offers a better solution to metal and plastic to-go cups which can’t be placed in the dishwasher or microwave.


Made from high-grade silicone, the stylish 16 oz. GoSili Cup features an embedded stainless steel ring to prevent the cup’s lip from collapsing, while also being Microwave Safe (a unique patented feature). An extra thick base and walls help make the cup extremely durable and a raised texture is featured for added grip. The cup is safe and free of any toxins, freezer safe too and can be boiled to sterilize.


“With our GoSili Cup, we’re excited to bring yet another silicone based product innovation to the market,” said Stacey Feeley, co-founder, Silikids. “The new cup is not only our answer to “throw away plastics” but also an environmentally safe product that when used, will promote reduced waste and provide better health.”

Other items in the GoSili collection include 8 oz. silicone drinking cups, straw cup sets, universal fit straw tops and reusable straws.

The GoSili Cup has a recommended retail of $14.95 and is available in Charcoal, Hot Pink, Teal and Sky Blue. For more information and to purchase visit https://www.silikids.com/store/p61/NEW_GoSili_To_Go_Coffee_Cup.html.

About GoSili®
Traverse City-based GoSili was founded in 2006 by Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab with the mission of Waste Less! GoSili designs and manufactures silicone tableware products for the whole family. The excessive use and waste of disposable paper and plastic inspired the GoSili founders to create a modern line incorporating all the practical benefits that silicone has to offer. GoSili is the parent company of the award-winning children’s silicone products brand Silikids. GoSili products make the basics better by bringing an alternative to plastic, bridging the gap between great design and affordability while improving the way we live! A win-win for all! For more information visit www.gosili.com.

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