Keeping Coffee Comfortable with Insulated Drink Carrier

Everyone likes a hot, tasty coffee at work or a refreshing drink on a picnic among friends and family. But carrying 4 big cups of steaming hot or iced cold beverages from the coffee shop to your workplace or home can be a tricky business. Especially when your hands
are full with bags, laptops, children, etc… And no one likes a coffee-stained shirt. And delivering lukewarm drinks wins neither friends nor favors.

BevBag allows you to transport all your drinks with one hand, giving you more flexibility to carry the rest of your belongings at the same time, with the added benefit of keeping them at the right temperature. My Invention! Insulated beverage, portable container called the BevBag. Can carry up to four drinks or four coffees. Removable, recyclable, but also reusable, molded fiber standard tray on bottom to hold cups in place. It can also be used as an insulated lunch bag. Woven polyester exterior. Lined with insulated fabric.

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