Carefully Sourced Ingredients and Dedicated Roastmaster Make Wicked Joe Coffee Stand Apart from the Rest

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever and their palates are becoming more and more sophisticated. According to 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends: “The percentage of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis increased to 62% this year, up from 57% in 2016…among the drivers behind the increase was soaring consumer enthusiasm for gourmet coffee varieties across most demographics.”1

From single origin roasts from Fair Trade farmers in Bali, Honduras, Sumatra, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru to deliciously concocted blends like: Wicked Italian, Bella Maria, Jamaican Me Crazy and First Tracks, all Wicked Joe Organic Coffees are carefully roasted to please 2017’s most discerning coffee drinker. The Maine-based, family-owned operation that now sells in over 2200 grocery stores nationwide, employees a roastmaster whose job is to make sure every batch of coffee meets their high quality and taste profile standards.

“I approach roasting a batch of coffee like a chef approaches a gourmet meal,” says Wicked Joe Organic Coffees Roastmaster, Bill Guddeck. “First, it is essential that we start with a quality raw ingredient; my job is just to unlock the potential of these carefully sourced beans. From there, I work with the roasts until they meet Wicked Joe’s carefully crafted taste profiles.”

Having the watchful eye of a dedicated roastmaster is just one component that makes Wicked Joe Organic Coffees consistently exceptional. As Bill notes, sourcing is the important foundation to all great cups of coffee. All of Wicked Joe Organic Coffees are Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO, but they take their dedication to sustainable sourcing much further. Wicked Joe also creates roasts that boast certifications from The Rainforest Alliance, Cup of Excellence, Direct Trade Relationship, The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and other sustainable models. Perhaps most importantly, Wicked Joe Organic Coffees’ owners Bob and Carmen Garver visit many of their global farm partners each year. On these trips they get to know the farmers and the growing practices to ensure that each point of the supply chain contributes to a delicious cup of coffee. Wicked Joe’s facilities also go above and beyond industry standards. Each batch of coffee is built in a new 25,000 sq. ft. sustainable roasting facility that is Certified Organic and Fair Trade, boasts two different kinds of solar energy collectors and a Loring Coffee Roaster. The patented technology behind this state of the art roaster eliminates the need for an afterburner, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

From farm to roastmaster to cup, Wicked Joe Organic Coffees are dedicated to making sure each customer consumes a wicked good cup of coffee. And it’s working, here is what consumers are saying about Wicked Joe Organic Coffees:

“Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! And the fact I can buy it in bulk makes it even more appealing.” – Melanie Keene, Amazon

“My wife and I have been drinking the coffee for about 6 weeks and it is now our first choice. She found the Wicked Italian dark roast at Food Lion and we were sold on it after the first bag. Goodbye Starbucks Italian Roast.” – Phillip Henry, Facebook

Was on a recent trip to Maine and got some at FROSTY’S donuts. THIS IS THE BEST COFFEE I’VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH! – Joe Justice, Facebook

“I love the Wicked French Dark Roast. The aroma alone sends you to coffee heaven.” – Judith Zielinski, Facebook

About Wicked Joe Coffee
Located in Topsham Maine, Wicked Joe is a family-owned company committed to producing exceptional coffees using sustainable business practices from crop-to-cup. Wicked Joe’s coffee is roasted in an organic certified, energy efficient facility and made with Organic and Fair Trade beans purchased directly from farmers and cooperatives across the globe.

For more information about Wicked Joe, please visit For media inquiries, requests for product samples, high res images, or to set up an interview with Wicked Joe founder Bob Garver, please contact Margaret Marchuk at or at 805-969-3744.

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