The Strategy for Success is a Healthy Choice

BWhat you need to understand is the strong consumer demand for healthy menu items. The big chains have done significant consumer research to validate the consumer demand for healthier menu selections. QSR category leaders Starbucks, Subway, and McDonalds have repositioned their brands to appeal to the health & wellness-minded consumer, and sales and profits are up. Small cafes can employ the same “healthy” strategy for success.
Take a look at the menu boards for Starbucks, McDonalds or Subway and you’ll see that they are responding to the fact that customers are shopping for foods and beverages with health and wellness benefits. The average household spends close to 20 percent of their income on foods that have a wellness benefit. Functional foods and beverages (with supplement boosts included) totaled $153 billion in 2010.
It is common knowledge Starbucks has trimmed the calories and trans-fats from their baked goods. Likewise, they have trimmed the calories from the blended drinks. But most recently, they have bought out Evolution Juice. According to chief executive Howard Schultz, “This is the first of many things we’re going to do around health and wellness.” Again he explains, “We’re not only acquiring a juice company, but we’re using this acquisition to build a broad-based, multi-million dollar health and wellness business over time.”
A look at Subway’s menu board reveals a commitment to the broad consumer (spending / behavior / attitude) trend towards maintaining or improving personal health with low fat selections, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. Subway recently began fortifying their bread to include calcium and vitamin D.
Several years ago McDonalds added salads and introduced French fries with no trans-fats. Recently McDonalds added smoothies and fruit.
Most coffee concepts are currently offering bottled functional beverages (with vitamins, minerals supplements included) in their refrigerated case. Many consumers want vitamins but do not like the taste of Vitamin Water. Consumers may want the benefit of 5-Hour Energy or Red Bull but want to order a blended drink. SOLUTION: The café owner can offer Nutritional Supplement-Boosts! The consumer who wants vitamins can now add Multivitamin Blend to their favorite smoothie or frappe. The consumer in search of the ingredients found in Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy can now add Energy Blend to their favorite beverage.
Promoting supplement-boosts puts the café owner in a win-win-win situation.

  • Win 1: Nutritional instantly positions your concept to the health and wellness minded individual.
  • Win 2: Blended beverage sales will increase.
  • Win 3: Nutritional Supplement-Boosts are a high-margin item.

Are you promoting the health benefits of your menu items? If not, why not? If you have the healthiest menu in your market area, your chances for success increase.
David Gross President of Juice Bar Solutions, manufacturer of Smoothie Essentials Supplement-Boosts started a chain of smoothie bars in the 1980’s. David was not satisfied with the selection of available supplements, so came up with his own recipes. Thus Smoothie Essentials Supplement-Boosts were designed to make it easier for the consumer to choose what benefit(s) they wanted added to their blended drink.

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