Coffee Community Engagement

Saving the planet is not a choice. How you do it is! Each and every one of us can view ourselves as a social entrepreneur and share the challenge of slowing the crisis of social and environmental degradation. As the coffee industry takes the leadership role and moves into a green business model, we all have the opportunity to engage on line and support one or more of the coffee NGOs.
Government, foundations, religion, and science will not solve the global problems alone. We will all help. Lines are blurring between For Profits and Non Profits and the good news is we can lift the supply chain from tree to cup.

Are you making an impact in your community?

Research shows the public will to do more business with cause-driven organizations. Employees want to work in companies that participate in community service. Have you found a cost-effective and time efficient approach to track your impact?
Profits4Purpose (P4P) is an innovative online tool that simplifies the process of measuring and communicating social impact.
Our software empowers organizations of all sizes, including smaller companies, universities, corporations, and professional sport teams. P4P engages and motivates employees while strengthening your brand as a cause-driven organization. See how we have done it by viewing a one and a half minute video here.
• P4P makes volunteerism and donation simple, while tracking in real time.
• P4P provides a company branded solution, while communicating your impact.
• P4P finds relevant volunteer opportunities in your community or area of interest.

Why do it?

Increase sales
74% of people are more likely to recommend your company. Customers like to know that by purchasing your product or service, they are also giving back to the community.
Strengthen brand
85% of Americans would switch to a company that is associated with a cause.
Increase trust
Partnership with a non-profit organization demonstrates credibility and integrity.
Increase employee recruitment, morale and productivity
72% of employed Americans prefer to work for a company supporting social causes when deciding between two jobs.
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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

~ Winston Churchill
AKaren is the Co Founder of Track the Impact; she has been 23 years in coffee as founder and president of Elan Organic Coffee; Currently North American Partnerships for Hanns R Neumann Foundation.

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