Tazo Tea Chooses Foamaroma®

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Starbucks Uses FoamAroma® Lid In First TAZO Tea Shop

TAZO Tea, the Starbucks owned specialty tea brand, is bringing the FoamAroma® experience to tea connoisseurs in their new Seattle tea store which opened November 16, 2012, in the University Village.

After searching for the perfect lid for paper cups to complement their specialty teas and chai lattes, Tazo has chosen the FoamAroma® lid. Charles Cain, VP of TAZO Merchant and Operations, made the decisions after testing different lids. “FoamAroma was chosen,” he says, “based on the excellent mouth feel that it provides, along with its unique ability to allow the drinker to really sense the aroma of the tea.”

Though designed around the to-go cappuccino experience, tea drinkers immediately noticed the benefits of the FoamAroma® lid when paired with the finest custom steeped teas. Several of the design aspects that ensure a superior coffee drinking experience apply directly to teas as well. The FoamAroma® lid allows TAZO’s guests to enjoy the same ease of drinking, aroma sensations, and moderated temperature while on the go that they typically experience from an open mug.


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