Maison Camus Launches Specialty Coffees

New York (October, 2012) – Globally known for its luxury Cognacs, Maison CAMUS is now launching specialty coffees, debuting with its Signature Blend and French Roast.  Already found in Harrods (London), Takashimaya (Singapore), and the Ritz-Carlton (Shanghai), CAMUS Coffee focuses on the highest end of the quality scale, similarly to CAMUS Cognacs which are driven by qualities XO and above. An early U.S. retailer is Dean & DeLuca (New York).

Made from only the top 5% of all 100% High Grade Arabica beans, CAMUS Coffee is grown sustainably — without pesticides — at high altitudes, by small scale farmers in South and Central America.  The high altitudes necessitate manual harvest, after which the coffees are blended and roasted completely by hand, with the Roast Master overseeing literally every bean used.

The Signature Blend has rich aromas, powerful body, hints of hazelnut, and is perfect for any time of day; the darker roasted French Roast has a more intense flavor, and is an excellent finish to a fine meal.  Both are available as whole beans or ground, and come in 8.8 oz. packages with a suggested retail price of $14.00.

Coffee is a natural next step for CAMUS:  similarly to Cognac, coffee is an agricultural product strongly influenced by terroir, judicious harvesting, fermentation, application of heat, and – most of all – blending.  Cyril Camus, fifth generation President of CAMUS explains:  “As I started to appreciate the diversity in coffee and learn about the complexity of its production, I realized how much similarity there is between creating a great Cognac and creating a great coffee.  In both cases, a great product is the result of lasting relationships with growers, extreme care in crop selection, skilled craftsmanship in the production and transformation processes, experienced and intuitive blending, and an unmitigated drive for the best.  I came to see that the abilities and attitudes that have become part of us over nearly 150 years of making Cognac are directly applicable to coffee.  At CAMUS, we have a passionate drive for quality, and as a family business we have the long-term view and freedom to apply this to everything we do.”  #

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