Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program launches in the US in 2014.

Coffee Science CertificateIf you ever wanted to explore the chemistry behind your cup of coffee then 2014 may be your year. Next year marks the official launching of our ‘Coffee Science Certificate’ (CSC) program across the continental United States.
The CSC program which is open to professionals across all segments of the coffee industry is designed to instill a comprehensive technical understanding of coffee across various stages of processing. This hands-on program will explore issues pertaining to applied chemistry, sensory analysis, quality fundamentals and provide a solid foundation of overall coffee science.
With three levels of certification, the program will discuss topics including the Chemistry of Taste, Roasting Chemistry, Brewing Chemistry and numerous other technical issues related to coffee. For those already certified under the Q-Grader or SCAE CDS system, this certification program will provide students with a greater technical understanding and serve as the necessary ‘next step’ in furthering your coffee career.
The CSC program will initially roll out in January across several cities in the US including Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. For more information on upcoming seminars visit and make 2014 the year to earn your Coffee Science Certification.

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