Coffee Pests and Diseases

Coffee Pests & DiseasesA recent white paper published by Alexis Rubinstein of INTL FCStone, examines the devastating coffee leaf/roya disease in Central America and Mexico. The white paper explains the phenomena that affect the global supply of coffee, from the impact diseases and pests have on coffee plants, to kinks in the supply line, to the impact of price on the flow of beans.
Rubinstein examines the vulnerability of trees – and in turn supply and prices – to infestations and infection. Understanding this can enable producers, processors and sellers to more effectively plan for market volatility and mitigate that risk.
This study identifies numerous pests and diseases and explains tactical procedures, providing invaluable information on how to keep coffee trees healthy and the coffee sector thriving. Education must start with producers but infiltrate each link of the supply chain.
She writes, “Coffee … begins as an agricultural product, vulnerable to damaging pests and devastating outbreaks of diseases. … (P)roducers struggle to afford proper preemptive measures.  Trees that have produced quality beans for generations are being destroyed (and) livelihoods are being threatened.”
In addition to a breakdown of the most common coffee pests and diseases, Rubinstein takes a close look at success stories that are proving to be beneficial in the fight against coffee leaf disease.
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