Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation does it Again!

On November 7th Mountain Thunder wins first Place at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Contest Classic Division. Mountain Thunder was the event producer and director for over 10 years and never entered the contest. The Kona Coffee Council now operates the event. Mountain Thunder Sweeps all the wins this year for kona including First Place on the Big Island at the 200th year of coffee in Hawaii at the Hawaii Coffee Assoc Cupping contest at the annual conference at the Kaui Beach resort on July 20th. Not only did Mountain Thunder win the big island that includes the kona district, they went on to win the State Championship as well, the next day. That is after winning the SIAL Golden Bean Award this year for the unprecedented 2nd year in a row on May 1st In Montreal Canada. Mountain Thunder is the only kona coffee company to win an International and a National Award in over 100 years when they were a Good Food winner as well in San Fransisco in 2011 .

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