Going global in ten days – boutique coffee club Coffee Heist swings for the fences

San Francisco, CA – Recently launched boutique coffee club, Coffee Heist (http://coffeeheist.com), will expand into global markets just ten days after the official launch of their US operations on December 13th 2013. Coffee Heist’s unique coffee delivery service will be available to UK and European markets as of Monday 23rd December, with the Company stating that overwhelming demand from these regions is the reason behind the premature expansion.
Coffee Heist delivers unique, boutique coffee, sourcing speciality roasts from around the world for delivery to its club members on a monthly basis. Co-founder Nicholas Frandsen, of Denmark, states that ‘our timeline for expanding into European markets was scheduled for Q1 2014, however the overwhelming response we have received has forced us to move this forward. We’re not complaining. But it was unexpected.’
All of Coffee Heist’s premium roasts are available as Nespresso capsules, with over 50% of members choosing capsules over regular beans and ground coffee. This reflects a change in the consumer market, with over 13% of the US population now drinking coffee from a single-serve brewing machine. Coffee Heist prepares batches of Nespresso capsules on a monthly basis, providing a premium alternative for fans of the Nespresso system.
The demand for Coffee Heist’s club has stemmed from the growing sophistication of the average coffee drinker across the globe. Some coffee connoisseurs now consider the drink to be the wine of the modern era, with many roasters and brands holding regular ‘cupping’ sessions – the equivalent of wine tastings. As consumers grow to appreciate the sophistication of coffee, they are more willing to spend on premium offerings, as evidenced by the demand for Coffee Heist’s service in US and international markets.
About Coffee Heist
Coffee Heist is based out of San Francisco CA, and operated by a team located across the US and Europe. The Company’s goal is to source a variety of the finest coffees in the world for its members. Coffee Heist club members receive a monthly delivery of beans, ground coffee or Nespresso capsules, depending on their preferred brewing style.
Coffee Heist’s selections are curated from selected roasters located around the world. Every month sees a new roast delivered to its members. The Company also provides its members with detailed reviews on each roast, and coaches them through the coffee preparation and brewing process. Coffee Heist memberships cost $29 USD per month, and are available from Coffee Heist’s website; http://www.coffeeheist.com.

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