Equator Coffee Opens Second Location

[wpg width=”225″ height=”250″ align=”right”]This past September, Arnold Spinelli closed the doors of his timeless café, La Coppa, and passed the torch to us at Equator Coffee and Teas. By taking over the space with our flagship café, we are honored to step into a legacy of quality, community, and craftsmanship, to salute a tradition that Mill Valley has held dear for thirteen years. We bring with us a respect for what was, and an embrace of what’s coming. We invite you to learn a little about us, and what we’re up to.
At Equator, we stride along the threshold between old and new. We celebrate the evolution of coffee, with one eye on the future and one hand holding tightly to the roots of the craft. We think history has value, and the future holds promise. We cultivate an open approach to trying new things, aiming to nurture social good and make the biggest impact as a certified B-Corporation. We believe coffee has the power to make a difference in lives all over the world, a difference that starts at home.
We know the farmers that grow our coffee, and we walk between the trees it comes from. We make it our business to honor their work by pouring ourselves into the craft of roasting, brewing, and serving some of the best beans in the world. Our coffee is tied to a sense of place, and wrapped up in the story of another world. We want to share that story with you, and sometimes the best way to do that is to let the coffee speak for itself. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of coffee devotees committed to the craft, and drawing beauty from the bean.
When we opened up shop in Tam Junction, at the Proof Lab and Surf Shop, we were met with such an exhilarating sense of welcome that we fell more in love with Mill Valley than we ever thought we could. As we keep building out our flagship café, designed by the brilliant team at Boor Bridges, we’ve set up a pop-up shop right out front. To capture the magical spirit of the valley, we spent time cozied up in the local library poring over Mill Valley’s history, invoking the story of the place in our design. Our particular spot, at 2 Miller, is very much a cyclist’s hub. Many a ride begin and end here, a tradition that will be distilled in a representative art piece by metal master Luigi Oldani, to be placed against the bar out front.
Our pop-up cart is clad in copper and repurposed redwood that we found on Mt. Tam. Our espresso machines are beautiful La Marzocco paddle machines, on which we’ll be making our signature Tigerwalk espresso. Just in time to ward off this cold snap, our Holiday Blend will be on deck. The blend marries a lively, bright, natural processed coffee from Costa Rica redolent of blueberries and wine with a honey-processed coffee from another Costa Rican farm, El Espino. The processing technique imparts the bean with a more vigorous sweetness and a rounder acidity by drying the bean in some of the pulp from the coffee cherry. Lastly, we added a richer, even more chocolatey Guatemalan coffee, purchased from a women’s cooperative in Huehuetenango. Together, they make for a caramel and chocolate kind of sweetness, wrapped around hints of tangerine, dried cherry, and molasses.
Our popular Equator Blend features coffees from Indonesia, East Africa, and Latin America. It’s a mellow cup, swirling together the earthy tones of Sumatra with sweet and fruity beans of Ethiopia, made beautifully complex and accessible by thoughtful blending.
We are also featuring the famous San Rafael Johnny Doughnuts, with favorites from Beth’s Community Kitchen and gluten-free goods from Flour Craft.
At Equator, we like to think that the coffee we serve bolsters the values we hold dear: community, equality, pleasure, and stewardship. While our café comes to life, we invite you to visit us on the front stoop for a hot cup. We’d love to see you.
For more information, visit our website at http://www.equatorcoffees.com/

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