Rescue Recycle Reuse

[wpg width=”200″ height=”300″ align=”right”]R3 was created to give back and the Bag is just the beginning. We are here to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s and Our Environment, two very important issues today. Outlined below is our program and making R3 a B2B business model we would love to have you on board!

  • WE count every coffee sack that is donated and keep a running total on our website, recognizing our roaster participation.
  • WE do all of our manufacturing right here in the USA, made by hand with no 2 bags alike.
  • Market places participate and make a profit selling or fundraising.
  • The R3 “bag tag” is your “brand advocate” your brand/logo goes on the tag. WE want everyone who participates to be recognized.
  • WE acknowledge all participants with a social media campaign; we take a snap shot of the sewn in branded “bag tag” and include a write up with photos that is pushed out to the public via FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your location then ends up on our website Google map. WE become your Brand Advocate!
  • WE send out reminders through social media about the market place, organization, fired department, city hall etc… This gives the market place some good press and recognizes them for making the world a better place.

Please take a deeper look into R3 at

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