Anfim SP450: perfect cut, high yield

ANFIM_SPBODThe new SP450 on-demand by Anfim combines the lengthy experience of a company that for over half a century has been producing robust and easy to maintain coffee grinders with the most advanced technologies developed by Hemro Group’s extensive expertise.
It’s an innovative device that opens a new line within the company, based in Milan, Italy – the wide range of coffee grinders on-demand.
Grinding is of great importance in determining the quality of the product in the coffee cup: the particle size must be correct and uniform in order to allow the water to extract the best elements when the coffee passes through the espresso machine’s coffee panel. Equally important is the transformation process from bean to ground coffee: there mustn’t be any quick rise temperature so as not to alter the product’s organoleptic features.
Below, you can see the solutions developed by Anfim researchers to ensure milling is always perfect:
– the titanium-coated grinders are particularly resistant and wear down is very low; the distinct design of the blades ensures a perfect and homogeneous cut, producing coffee powder that has a high aromatic yield during the extraction phase;
– the grinder’s rpm is lower than that of classic flat grinders. Thanks to this low speed, the friction, or rather the heating during the grinding, is significantly reduced, whereas the yield is quite high. This makes the SP450 ideal for extensive daily use in shops, bars, restaurants, etc.;
– the dual-fan cooling system is extremely effective and silent. It generates an air flow from the bottom to the top: the lower fan sucks in the fresh air that passes through the grinder thus eliminating the transmission of heat and is ejected by a second fan located above. This ventilation process is not only efficient but also extremely quiet;
– the dosage regulator can be adjusted with incredible precision: variations can even reach a hundredth of a second, thanks to the use of a digital timer.
Precision, high power, low speed, temperature and timing under control: what more could you ask for in a grinder on demand?

Anfim SP450 on demand Technical Specifications

Burrs size 75mm
Burrs material Tempered Titanium-coated steel
Motor RPM 450 rev/min
Milling capacity 5-6 kg/day
Grinding time per
single dose of espresso 2.2 seconds
Hopper capacity 2kg
Size (WxHxD) 195mm x 575mm x 370 mm
Net weight 20kg
Colors White, grey, black, silver

ANFIM is a company based in Milan, Italy, and has been designing and manufacturing coffee grinders and grinders for professional use for over 50 years. Its products are robust; the maintenance and technical assistance are simple and they’re ideal for a coffee grind that is uniform, constant and high-quality. The range includes professional and semi-professional models, suitable for either home use or bars, restaurants and coffee shops with low consumption. All our products can be used to grind single origin coffees, gourmet coffees, blends and decaffeinated coffee.

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