HiLine Coffee Revolutionizes Home Coffee Brewing with Fresh Single-Serve Packs

HiLine Coffee is launching premium single-serve coffee packs for use with French Press, AeroPress, Chemex and other manual coffee makers. HiLine roasts, grinds and seals high quality coffee in oxygen-proof, single-serve packs. For the first time, consumers can experience roasted-to-order coffee with the convenience of single-serve technology.

“We’re trying to deliver the same quality coffee found in specialty cafes to consumers who enjoy using manual brew methods such as French Press. By eliminating the inconvenience of grinding and measuring beans, we think consumers will finally be excited about using their French Press again,” said Gene Kakaulin, HiLine’s co-founder.
By circumventing a long and inefficient distribution chain, HiLine is able to deliver consumers roasted-to-order coffee within days of their online purchase. And, because HiLine doesn’t incur the expense of retail stores, cafes and TV ads, consumers save up to 40% compared to other brands.

Partnering with specialty roasters and with guidance from industry expert Andrew Hetzel, HiLine Coffee developed each blend to rival some of the finest third-wave roasters.

“Specialty has remained the fastest growing category of coffee consumption for over a decade,” said Hetzel, a board member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. “HiLine Coffee is aiming to bring specialty coffees, those coffees with taste characteristics unique to their microclimate of origin that are free of defects, which is an approach that discerning coffee consumers can applaud.”

HiLine products are available for purchase at https://www.HiLineCoffee.com.

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