Join the Coffee.CLUB Movement

Coffee expert and businessman, Bill McClure, is making it his mission to provide the best coffee to Americans throughout the country. With his newest endeavor, Coffee.CLUB, a subscription-based coffee club, it will ensure consumers get a sip of the freshest coffee on the market for a bargain.

Coffee.CLUB will focus on providing an exceptional product for a great price, providing consumers with a streamlined avenue to freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans from Third Wave Coffee, delivered directly to their doorstep. The Third Wave Coffee movement will boast the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, allowing consumers to taste the subtleties of flavor, varietal and growing region.

“Our specialty artisan roaster is a master at roasting each batch by hand, carefully controlling the heat and air flow, then gently smoking the beans to enhance the flavor and aroma,” says McClure. “The beans will then be air cooled for 24 hours. We will package the beans or grind the coffee and immediately load it on the FedEx truck to deliver the freshest coffee to homes around the world.”

By branding the new online coffee subscription service “Coffee.CLUB,” McClure is leveraging a new domain name extension that is short, meaningful and easy for customers to remember and find. After all, Coffee.CLUB is a coffee club. McClure, CEO of, explains that the .CLUB extension is heading for an online boom. “Over 150,000 .CLUB domains have been sold to clubs and people following the ‘right of the dot’ launch,” says McClure. “.CLUB has already made waves across the globe and has partnered with registrars such as GoDaddy in the US and 1and1 and United Domains in Germany. It is the perfect domain name for our coffee.”

With a distinct focus on using only FairTrade organic beans, McClure adds that Coffee.CLUB will also have an impact on coffee growing families through the company’s sustainable efforts. “It is our effort to bring awareness to the poverty of coffee growing farmers around the world,” says McClure. “This movement will help the farmer by improving coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing. In addition, we will cultivate stronger relations with coffee growers. Coffee.CLUB is a direct vehicle for pure organic and direct origin coffee.”

On Monday, December 1st or as it is popularly referred to as “Cyber Monday,” Coffee.CLUB will be offering a limited time discount of 40 percent.

About is an Internet-based coffee company that is owned and operated by the McClure Family. With the help of their world-class team, they provide products ranging from: coffee, teas, supplies, gourmet cakes, and chocolates. All of which are at an unbeatable prices, quick shipping, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit

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