JoeTap – Easy “Nitro Coffee” dispensing

Joetap_standalonedual_withglass01_smAC Beverage, a twenty five year old beverage dispensing company located in Annapolis, Maryland has introduced a new approach to dispensing cold brew coffee. The JoeTap is a self-contained system that fits into a space of less than 2.5 sq/ft and is just 51” high. The JoeTap is unique in its dispensing of nitrogenated cold brew coffee or “Nitro Coffee” as it is commonly known, due to a patent pending delivery system. The JoeTap holds a keg of cold brew coffee in a self contained refrigerated compartment. An accompanying N2 food grade canister provides the nitrogen that is combined with the coffee using a patented nitrogenated infuser system. The coffee is nitrogenated in-line, delivering consistent “Nitro Coffee” each and every time. Charley Kleinrichert, founder and President of AC Beverage developed the JoeTap specifically for the coffee industry. “The systems we developed for companies like Stumptown to perfect nitrogenated coffee made us aware of a growing need for a smaller, more portable delivery system. The JoeTap isn’t meant for the large output that our Stumptown solution provides. We envisioned something for retail establishments to deliver on-demand nitrogenated cold brew.” Mr. Kleinrichert said. “Our conservative estimates are that with only modest sales, it pays for itself in just over a month. That’s significant when you look at other equipment for coffee shops that cost up to five times as much and take more than a year to pay off.” Kleinrichert emphasized. The JoeTap’s claim of “Keg, Tap, Pour.” touts the ease of use and setup. The JoeTap requires no special technical skills, only the ability to fill a keg with cold brew coffee, hooking up lines for tapping and then pouring prefect Nitro Coffee. The JoeTap allows for dual delivery of “still” and “nitro” cold brew when purchased with a dual tap tower. The JoeTap is available now in limited quantities and is taking pre-orders of larger wholesale purchases.

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