Nobletree Launches Online Store | New Coffee Expressions and Subscriptions

The Nobletree Farm 2WHAT: Beginning December 18, 2014, Nobletree proudly debuts its bespoke portfolio of coffee expressions and curated coffee subscriptions available online. Custodians of the coffee from start to finish, Nobletree’s team of farmers, roasters, and baristas have a hand in each step of the coffee’s journey from seed to sip, with proprietary coffee farms and milling in Brazil, and a roastery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Along with the two expressions sourced directly from the brand’s proprietary farms, Nobletree’s team of experts round out the worldly, aromatic collection with beans hand-picked from family farms including Kenya, Ethiopia, and Honduras, in addition to other notable coffee producing countries.

Nobletree’s Portfolio:
The collection of ready to brew beans features a diverse portfolio of flavor profiles, offered in 12oz or 5lbs bags. Coffees include:

Expression Varietal Farm, Origin Flavor Notes
Dromadaire Cuvée Yellow Catuai, Acaia Fazenda Monte Verde, Brazil Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pear

Reverence Espresso Yellow Catuai, Acaia Fazenda Monte Verde, Brazil Dark Chocolate, Marzipan Truffle
Kenya Twiga Heirloom Twiga, Kenya Savory, Lemon, Raisin
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gutiti Heirloom Alemu, Ethiopia Lemon, Jasmine, Honeysuckle

Nicaragua Bella Aurora Caturra Bella Aurora, Nicaragua Fig, Black Cherry, Green Apple
Honduras La Flor Catuai, Pacas La Flor, Honduras Bright, Lemon, Creamy, Honey

Kicking off the coffee subscriptions with the “Roaster’s Pick”, Nobletree picks a rotating selection of favorites to give recipients something new to discover with each delivery.

Upcoming subscriptions will be available in January 2015, including “Our Farm”, based on Nobletree’s Santa Izabel and Monte Verde farms in Brazil’s Sul de Minas. The Monte Verde farm earned recognition as a Brazil Cup of Excellence finalist in 2012 and 2013, and grows six coffee cultivars, with more than a third of the fields dedicated to the distinctive “Yellow Bourbon” coffee tree.

For the “Continental Package”, Nobletree curates a subscription based on the coffees sourced from a specific area, highlighting the best beans from the continent.

WHY: The first vertically integrated coffee brand in New York, Nobletree delivers a spectrum of the most highly regarded coffee beans in the world, including two expressions sourced from its proprietary farms. CEO John Moore and his expert team, including four licensed “Q” Graders and three Cup of Excellence Jury Members, seek out beans from around the globe to deliver a dynamic portfolio for consumers to enjoy. From the farm, Nobletree oversees a pioneering business model which controls the journey of over 500,000 lbs. pounds of coffee per year, following a bean from its growing conditions, harvesting, and milling in Brazil, to its roasting and distribution in Brooklyn, NY. Nobletree’s own roastery in Red Hook, Brooklyn will be complete in March 2015.

COST: Bags of Whole Beans:
• 12oz – $15-$19
• 5lbs – $50-$65
Holiday Wood Gift Set: $120
*Gift Cards also available

WHERE: Available now for purchase online at

Nobletree is an innovative coffee brand of Farmers, Roasters, and Baristas based in Brooklyn, NY with proprietary coffee farms in Brazil. Coffee-industry expert CEO John Moore oversees the rare direct-to-farmer relationship from soil-to-sip. Nobletree’s team of coffee industry professionals oversees the journey of each bean, from its growing conditions, to harvesting, roasting, and distribution, cultivating a story that is directly tied to the origin of the cup. A collection of beans hand-picked from notable coffee producing countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Honduras rounds out the worldly, aromatic portfolio. Nobletree is a proud member of the FAL Coffee family. The first bags of Nobletree ground and whole-bean expressions are available online.

FAL Coffee is the coffee segment of FAL Group and is helmed by CEO John Moore who manages the international coffee farms, coffee milling operations in Brazil, coffee roasting, and coffee retail concepts. Nobletree, the retail roaster and consumer facing brand, is a proud member of the FAL Coffee and inspired by the global vision of the FAL Group.

FAL Group embraces diversity and inspires innovation in its people and partners. FAL Group is an international and local conglomerate of more than 75 companies, spanning 17 countries in the Middle East, Australia, Americas, and Europe, with a dedicated workforce of over 4,500. FAL Group’s business footprint includes Healthcare, Engineering & Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Aviation, Finance & Investment, Heavy Industries, Machinery & Equipment, Hotels & Resorts, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Food, Agriculture, and Education, among others. The group associates itself with best-in-class experts, incubates, supports and develops cutting edge businesses within each business sector. FAL Group touches the lives of the consumer every day with a wide array of healthy food and beverage brands found in its own stores or in outlets all over the world.

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