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Who doesn’t like coffee?

Who doesn’t like Jewellery?

No one on my speed dial!

Check out this amazing range of jewellery:  ” Crown Coffee Jewels”, a mastermind of Claris Jones-White, a Kiwi and self confessed lover of all things coffee, fashion and shiny things.

With a strong sense of on-trend fashion and style, she has hit the right mark with this desirable, collectable and contemporary line.

Crown Coffee Jewels is a range of jewellery paying tribute to unforgettable tastes, memories, beauty, purity and rituals  that our daily brew provides us with – this range is a unique range of high quality jewellery handmade in Cape Town, South Africa using locally sourced metals and gems to produce one off handmade pieces that will remain with you forever – just like the memorable past times coffee has provided us with time and time again.

These timeless treasures are perfect for all ‘beverage & food lovers’ be it gifts, personal treats or collectable coffee pieces, these treasures will withstand time and at the same price as buying a bulk produced plastic piece of coffee equipment you can own and support locally sourced and handmade goods.

Coffee is an art, it is beauty, it is handmade and is a way of life, and this range is made up of pieces that subtly and timelessly showcase all things ‘coffee’.
Part 1 – Seattle Coffee Collection is made up of:
•    Stackable Sensory Rings – (text band rings)
•    Puzzle Process Rings – (wire stackable puzzle rings)
•    Coffee Charms – HashTags – #Tags – (circle dog-tag charms)
•    Jasmine Jewels – (Jasmine Bud Ring, Earrings and Necklace Charm)

Due to be launched at the SCAA event this April, 2015 in Seattle a perfect event and an exciting opportunity for her to showcase the local craftsmanship, quality and design using earth friendly sourced metals and gems.

Claris has been a shining light (just like the jewels!) in the international coffee scene for many years, last year in Mexico and New York, and more recently in Cape Town and Durban, consulting through coffee curating and operations for a Couture Espresso & patisserie Global company about to launch.


Falling in love with the amazing country that is South Africa, but also witnessing first hand the demise of the Rhino and the absolute need to give back and especially work with the orphanages in South Africa due to the unprecedented number of children orphaned by aids victims. Expressing how much we can do for so little with our time and resources to make a true difference is very important to Claris and the opportunity to create something that pays tribute to her way of life and the life she wants to lead by giving back is essential to the reasoning behind why this ‘collection’ exists.

Claris has taken the time to identify which causes are most important to her to donate a percentage of the profits to in order to achieve much needed change.
All donations, are going to organizations that Claris has a personal connection with, cares about, trusts, understands and therefore 100% transparency is able to be achieved about there accomplishments, goals and challenges.
Every little bit helps, and as cheesy as it sounds, the truth is that if every person gave a little, our world would be a lot happier and a much better place.
This jewellery range has been created to allow for a percentage of profits to be distributed to LIV and Rhino Army which are both held close to Claris’s heart as they are foundations that truly make a difference and can benefit immensely from donations of Crown Coffee Jewels – Friend’s of Claris are instrumental in these foundations  which has given her the personal opportunity to make change where it is needed and to directly witness the affects (please see the link below to LIV and Rhino Army).

Keith and Pano both experts in there respected fields on a global scale have offered to create, collaborate and manufacture this range of jewellery which is hand-crafted to give it its own signature style – these two unbelievable jewellery ‘guru’s’ know the industry inside and out and have worked internationally for years getting to know every metal, stone, origin and process in the jewellery world.
The ability to get both Keith and Pano to collaborate and create a jewellery range for Claris is a once in a life time opportunity and utilizing the skills, knowledge and connections of both Keith and Pano allows this jewellery range to be uniquely sourced, designed and hand made to the highest quality.
Keith is a ‘gemologist’ specializing in gems and designing one off piece for individuals and selected boutique stores; Keith has just been flown to London to set some gems for ASPREY Crown Jewels, he can source the highest quality ethical gems and stones. With over 30years experience and creating hand made jewellery for numerous well-known individuals including the Royal Family his is a true Gem Guru.
Born and bred in South Africa has allowed Keith to source, work and produce jewels in one of the biggest producing countries in the world of precious metals, gems and stones – this has allowed Keith to be fully aware and knowledgeable with the WHOLE process of what he sources, buys and uses (just like the coffee process that we Claris takes so seriously also – Crop to Cup : Ground to Gem).
Keith and Pano are able to provide Claris with the highest quality, ethical, graded and traceable stones and gems for the entire range (see information below on Asprey Crown Jewellers)

•    METALS:
This jewellery range is made from sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, 14ct Gold or 18ct Gold. Sterling silver in the SA is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.
Gold Vermeil is a term that describes Sterling Silver with a layer of gold on top (plated). To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10ct and 1.5micrometres thick. At i+i, we plate our sterling silver with 2.5micron thick 22ct Gold.
•    STONES:
All stones used in this range are ethically sourced by Keith, traceable and graded by experts. As our stones are naturally formed and hand cut there can be slight variations with colour and shape, making each stone unique. Metal and semi-precious or precious stones are extracted from the earth with natural healing powers, so don’t forget to read up about each stone’s personal qualities.
All pieces are handmade with quality and ethically sourced materials. Please allow for slight variations in shapes and sizes.
This Jewellery Range is proudly made in South Africa –  100% sourced and hand made in South Africa is crucially important as it directly influences job creation, job stability and in helping the SA economy grow; it also guarantees that it is made using 100% fair and traceable labour and environmental standard made by locals –
‘Local is Lekker’.

These pieces will be with you forever and not only provide the buyer with a beautiful product but also support local craftsmen, workers, communities, children and wildlife  – these are truly ‘Timeless Treasures’.

Rhino Army is an organisation that is dedicated to the fight against rhino poaching. Partnering with The Bateleurs and Wildlands Trust, we raise funds to support anti poaching aerial surveillance techniques across KwaZulu-Natal game reserves.The Wildlands Conservation Trust and The Bateleurs urgently needs reinforcements in the war against rhino poaching. The Rhino Army has heeded this call and is mobilising its troops for active service in the combat zone. Our rhino are being driven to the brink of extinction by ruthless poachers.

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Asprey has developed over generations into the finest British jeweller and luxury goods house, and become a name synonymous with refinement and luxury. As ever, each Asprey product is made with the most exacting craftsmanship using only the finest materials. This grand tradition of offering the best craftsmanship, quality, and design continues today at the Asprey workshops and around the globe as timeless treasures are created for the exclusive Asprey clientele.

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