The Espresso Challenge

Forget what you think you know about Mexico coffees. It’s based on old information. The new generation Mexican coffees deliver more sweetness, more balance, more chocolate, better fruit flavors and play much better with the other coffees in our blend. Throw out what you used to know about Brazil coffees for espresso. Mexico can outscore your Brazil in espresso.

We are so confident that the coffees from Veracruz and Puebla Mexico will make your espresso blend taste sweeter, more chocolaty, more balanced and more delicious that we will send you a full production sized batch of green coffee (5 to 35lbs!) to roast and test in your roaster and you espresso blend. We invite you to taste one of our coffees against your Brazil in your espresso blend. It’s simple and FREE.

Take the #espressochallenge today go to and signup

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