Best New Product Showdown

Sponsored by Selby Soft

Mark your calendar and come to Coffee Fest NY early Friday morning to experience the BRAND NEW -Best New Product Showdown.  Watch the presentations and listen to each of the New Product representatives as they make their case (in just four minutes each) to the panel of judges on why theirs deserves the title of Best New Product. Each presentation and product will be judges by the panel of illustrious judges.

The event features Anna Gutierrez – Barista 22, master of ceremonies and Jan Weigel – Fresh Cup, Kerri Goodman – Coffee Talk, David Morris – Dillanos, & Mike Spence – Selby Soft serving as judges.  The top three Consumable and Non Consumable products as determined from the Friday morning Showdown will be announced opening day at 2:00pm Friday March 11, 2016.

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