Blendtec® Unveils top 10 Trends for Foodservice Smoothies in 2016

Announcing a New Series of Research-Driven Articles for Operators, “Blending Success”
OREM, Utah (Dec. 17, 2015) — After extensive industry research and in collaboration with leaders in the foodservice industry, Blendtec® publishes an article predicting the top ten smoothie trends for 2016, as a part of its series of insights-driven articles: “Blending Success.”
“In recent years, we have seen a large demand for smoothies made with real, trustworthy ingredients,” says Julie Owens, director of marketing at Blendtec. “From hearty smoothie bowls to the addition of colorful vegetables, herbs and spices, we are seeing some exciting trends pop up for foodservice in 2016.”
Blendtec predicts these ten smoothie trends to overcome the foodservice industry in 2016:
1. Build-Your-Own: Smoothie bar concepts that allow customers to customize their drinks for a “Chipotle-style” dining experience are seeing huge success.
2. Health Boosters: Ingredients such as protein, superfoods and heathy fats, transform a regular smoothie to from a typical “snack” into a functional, tasty supplement.
3. Smoothie Meals On-the-Go: These smoothies often contain superfood ingredients and beneficial additives to keep customers feeling sustained all day long.
4. Smoothie Bowls: Smoothie bowls are thicker than traditional smoothies with added ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, protein powders and healthy fats.
5. Sugar Alternatives: As consumers continue to look for ways to add functional ingredients, sugar alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular.
6. Colorful Veggies: Consumers are looking beyond traditional greens in smoothies, making veggies such as beets, carrots, pumpkin and cabbage poised to take off.
7. Global Inspiration: Global influences that have transformed the food culture are now making their way into beverages with matcha, horchata and lassi leading the way.
8. Spices and Herbs: The use of culinary herbs enhance smoothies with bold flavors, and spices add a warm and spicy kick to cool concoctions.
9. Low-Profile Liquids: Liquids beyond dairy milk and fruit juice are gaining popularity in the smoothie segment.
10. Adult Smoothies: These drinks are smoothies with one extra ingredient — alcohol.
In addition to trends and consumer research, Blendtec cites real life examples from operators in the industry such as Nikki Kaplan, owner of Planet Smoothie at Penn Station.
“With 900,000 people coming through Penn Station each day, we have to be ahead of smoothie trends to meet consumers’ demands,” says Nikki Kaplan owner of Planet Smoothie at Penn Station. “Experimenting with new ingredients such as natural peanut butter or matcha green tea in our smoothies keeps our business booming and our customers on their toes.”
To learn more, read the complete 2016 smoothie trend prediction article at Stay tuned for more topics in the “Blending Success” article series from Blendtec.

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