FilterLid – Gourmet to Go!

Sound Press - FilterLid_Magnified_topview_SmallJanuary 2016

FilterLid – A new Gourmet to go disposable lid.

The FilterLid is a new gourmet to go disposable lid with integrated filter helping store owners build new sales opportunities on gourmet coffee and teas while increasing margins, and improving the customer experience by offering both convenience and quality.

The FilterLid offers the ability to enjoy gourmet coffee and loose leaf tea to go! Convenient, simple and profitable. It’s never been so quick or so easy to enjoy your gourmet beverage. Simply, place coffee grounds or loose leaf tea in a to go cup, add water, stir and snap on the FilterLid. Your drink brews or steeps in the cup while on the go. As an added bonus, the lid also reduces sloshing and spills. Have your favorite beverage on your time.

Store owners will benefit from the FilterLid’s cost-cutting and time efficient design. By eliminating the behind-the-counter brewing/steeping process and minimizing prep time, you’ll be able to service more customers while cutting down on costs. You need only to assemble the drink and hand the individually crafted gourmet beverage to the customer. The coffee or tea will brew or steep on the customer’s time, not the store owner’s time.

FilterLid also cuts costs by allowing you to use less coffee grounds or tea leaves than you normally would. Since you are making individual cups of coffee for each customer, you won’t be throwing away old batches of coffee. FilterLid cuts costs by helping eliminate product waste. Whether you are a store owner or distributor, we have competitively priced the FilterLid for maximized profits no matter what size business you operate. Special distributor bulk rates are available.

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