GOLDA KOMBUCHA AND BANJO COLD BREW DEBUT KOFFUCHA PROBIOTIC COFFEE First local, Georgia-based coffee/kombucha collaboration of its kind

Atlanta, GA — Golda Kombucha, Atlanta’s first kombucha tea company, and Banjo Cold Brew Coffee, Atlanta’s newest cold brew coffee company, announce a partnership and collaboration on a new beverage, Koffucha. Koffucha is the first Georgia-made probiotic coffee fusing both kombucha and coffee together. It is a cold brew, infused with vanilla and fermented fourteen days to bring out the mellow, yet tart, flavors of kombucha brewed with coffee, and it will be available starting December 1 for a limited time.

In its simplest terms, Koffucha is kombucha made with coffee instead of tea. Kombucha is a healthy, probiotic tea that utilizes live and active cultures, aids in digestion, immune support and energy. It has little to no sugar and contains natural fruit and herb pairings that are considered southern staples. Banjo cold brew coffee is a ready-to-drink, more caffeinated and less acidic version of traditional, hot coffee, with a smooth, naturally sweet finish. The versatility of both beverages allows for Koffucha to be enjoyed on its own or in pairings, cocktails and recipes.

Recently joining forces to share a brewery and now collaborating on this amazing fusion, Koffucha is an exciting new venture in the Atlanta craft beverage scene. “Golda Kombucha and Banjo Cold Brew Coffee are a match made in beverage heaven,” says Melanie Wade, owner of Golda Kombucha. “Not only do our businesses have similar missions to bring artisan beverages to Atlanta, but we also focus on small batch, high quality and sustainable processes. This is the perfect opportunity to overlap flavors and have an exclusive and new offering for our loyal customers.”

Koffucha will be launched on December 1 at select Farmers Markets, including Marietta Square, Brookhaven, Decatur Wednesday, and East Atlanta Village. Soon thereafter, it will be available through a joint distributor.

About Golda Kombucha
Atlanta’s first kombucha tea company has arrived. Meet Golda. A fermented beverage derived from a family recipe. Kombucha is a probiotic drink known for aiding digestion and immune support while energizing the body and mind. Golda Kombucha is local, healthy and refreshing. The recipe for Golda Kombucha tea comes from a vivacious 93 year-old named Golda. A living testament to wellness, Golda has been brewing and drinking her own kombucha for more than 20 years at her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now her family recipe, unchanged through the generations, has been passed down again to her granddaughter: the brewmaster behind Golda Kombucha. Visit for more information.

About Banjo Cold Brew
Banjo Cold Brew is an Atlanta based brewery utilizing only 100% specialty grade, above Fair Trade and small batch, locally roasted coffee. Comprised of Billy & Chasidy Atchison (husband and wife) and Sebastian Kegel, Banjo launched in early 2015 with a dedication of crafting not only the best cold brew, but the best coffee. Also, with a vision of creating and maintaining a sustainable and ethical company, as well as, donating funds from every pound of beans to both local and international organizations, Banjo lives by the motto “Caffeinate Responsibly.” Find out more about our coffee, as well as, our mission and partners at


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