FORTO Strong Coffee Brings Organic Energy Drink to Market

Savannah Simons - Forto EspressoFORTO Strong Coffee, an organic, fair-trade and cold-brewed coffee shot, has begun a Kickstarter campaign to launch its production in January 2016. Created by a father of twins needing wholesome energy, FORTO is made with 100% Arabica Coffee beans that are hand selected from family farms in Colombia and Brazil.

“As parents of twin girls, we found ourselves needing more energy to keep up with them, but weren’t happy with the energy drinks on the market,so we began researching the possibilities of making a strong organic coffee shot,” said Neel Premkumar, Founder of FORTO. “It took over a year of testing and research to figure out how to brew Forto, and even more challenging was the process of keeping it tasting fresh as a shelf-stable non-refrigerated beverage while keeping it USDA-certified organic.”

Prior to founding the company, Premkumar worked in Senior Brand Management at Nestle. His experience at Nestle and other big consumer packaged goods companies provided a leg-up in regards to the knowledge and network of food / flavor research professionals required to create truly innovative products. Having spent the bulk of his personal savings on the development of Forto – his mission is to make Forto Strong Coffee shots available to anyone, anywhere, in need of a quick, convenient boost of wholesome energy.

Sourced from the finest coffee in the world – Organic, Fair-Trade, Arabica beans from Latin America – and cold-brewed to provide a stronger caffeine boost, FORTO represents innovation and evolution within the both the coffee and energy shot category.
When you don’t have time to brew your own coffee or wait in line at a coffee shop, FORTO Strong Coffee Shots provide a convenient, high quality shot of strong coffee that delivers on energy.

FORTO is Cold-Brewed using a 20-hour process to create a strong, full-bodied taste that can be sipped or taken like a shot. The handheld 2oz. bottles contain 200mg of organic caffeine, the equivalent of two cups of coffee, and come in two flavors, Espresso and French Vanilla with a suggested retail price of $2.99.

FORTO is shelf stable for 18 months by utilizing unique technological advances in the way it is sealed. Beneath the adorable lid of a Forto bottle is a seal, similar to what you peel off of a yogurt prior to consumption. The seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle, keeping the bold rich flavor locked inside until it is ready to be enjoyed.

Initial retail orders for FORTO distribution include all US military bases and the brand is currently in discussions with other retailers as the demand is strong.

FORTO is a family-run company, and the sister brand to STUR drinks, the leading All-Natural Water Enhancer brand. STUR is sold in Natural & Grocery stores across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Asia. Premkumar founded STUR in 2012 to naturally enhance the flavor of water for his wife in order to stay hydrated, who was pregnant with twins at the time.

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