gayle goodman - BeanSafe_5Gal_MultiColorsHow BeanSafe® Works: It’s all in the Valve!

BeanSafe’s One Way Valve Releases CO2 Buildup,
Closes to Protect Beans from Air, Light, Heat and Moisture

BeanSafe Coffee Storage Solutions:
The #1 Step Before Brewing Method
For Great Coffee At-Home

Coffee Roasters: BeanSafe Introduced a Five-Gallon-Lid with Valve
To Keep Large Vats of Beans Fresh in the Shop!

New York – Turning the art of coffee-making into a science, BeanSafe coffee storage solutions are designed with a pressure release valve in the lids. The valve works on its own to release CO2 build-up when the air pressure inside the container reaches a sufficient level. It then closes to keep out air, light, heat and moisture. It opens and closes by itself. Unlike any other product on the market, the BeanSafe pressure release valve never requires cleaning, maintenance or replacement.
BeanSafe stores ground coffee as well as coffee beans to remain fresher than in any other device. Fresh coffee is key to making coffee at home that compares to that in a coffee house. Before choosing a brewing method, proper storage of coffee will contribute to keeping it fresh and making a great pot of brew at home.

To make a great cup of coffee at home, the biggest barrier is in how the coffee has been stored. Once roasted, coffee beans must be stored properly. Air, moisture, heat and light are enemies of keeping coffee fresh. Coffee in a refrigerator or freezer can absorb odors and moisture. Folded bags allow air to enter. Beansafe canisters and lids are the coffee storage solution, named a Best New Product Innovation by Coffee Fest Show.

BeanSafe coffee storage canisters for home kitchens and consumers are 6” x 5” dia. and are large enough to store 1 lb. of coffee. Choices range from food-grade stainless steel in five designer colors, to a food-grade BPA-free polypropylene in black or white. Canisters made of food-grade polypropylene are chemically stable and safe for long-term storage. BeanSafe is BPA-free. All parts of BeanSafe canisters – whether in stainless steel or polypropylene – are dishwasher safe.
Introducing BeanSafe Five-Gallon-Lid for Coffee Roasters: Now In Colors!
BeanSafe’s advanced technology was so well-received by the coffee trade that we introduced our Five-Gallon-Lid with the same pressure-release valve for coffee roasters, wholesalers and retailers. The lid features the same valves as the storage canisters for home kitchens and consumers. Fitting a 3.5 to 7-gallon bucket, the twist-off Five-Gallon-Lid can be used for shipping coffee and storing coffee beans awaiting sale. Made of BPA-free polypropylene. White, Green, Orange, Red, Blue and Black.

About BeanSafe:
BeanSafe is produced and distributed by Regency Products International, Inc., New York, which specializes in developing unique storage units for food products. BeanSafe also protects teas, spices, herbs, potpourri, and other aromatics and foodstuffs. Formerly involved in the design industry for 30 years, management of RPI has extensive experience with consumer merchandise and retailers internationally.

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