ORCA Coffee: a new drinking paradigm for coffee lovers

Italians are known for being easy going, but when it comes to their choice of espresso, they do not like to compromise on quality: when abroad they’ll often approach each other on the street to find out if there is a coffee shop in town that serves a “decent espresso”.

For those who won’t settle for anything less than a real, authentic Italian espresso, coffee lovers can now try the ORCA coffee subscription system, with the added advantage of delivery right to their home or office!

Giancarlo & Lola are the founders: for them, compromising on the taste and quality of any espresso based drink was no longer an option. And that’s exactly why they founded their own coffee company: ORCA Coffee. “Our beans come from a limited number of coffee growers; we blend, roast, grind the coffee in our own factory in Tuscany, Italy and then air seal it in our pods to maintain quality, freshness and taste.”

In order to encourage people to focus on the espresso and not be hindered by the excessive market price attached to the machine, they decided to give the coffee machine for FREE to their customers. Shipping is also ALWAYS FREE for all subscribers.

How does it work?
The coffee pods come in three flavors: rich & bold Espresso Roma, smooth & velvety Espresso Firenze and delicate & light Medium Roast Coffee. Users simply choose their pods & place their monthly subscription. And that’s it : subscribers can relax and know their pods will arrive regularly every month – No Stress!

Some ask: “where’s the catch?” – There is no catch!
1) You make your selection;
2) You complete your subscription so you can be sure you always have your favorite espresso pods delivered monthly to your door;
3) You only pay for the pods (price per pod varies according to quantity from 95 cents per pod down to 55 cents). No Shipping fees ever.
4) The machine is FREE. Shipping is always FREE too.

And what if you are unhappy?
You simply end your subscription at any time. It’s as simple as that.
Giancarlo & Lola are convinced: “Once you try it, there will be no going back!”


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