Holderness Coffee Roasters Launches

Corvallis, Ore. (November 29, 2016) — Holderness Coffee Roasters launches today in Corvallis as a stand alone retail brand, bringing a local coffee house favorite to the greater Pacific Northwest, and eventually, the nation. Paul and Lisa Tostberg, proprietors of Coffee Culture, extend their 23-year tenure in the coffee industry by launching their roasting business. The couple’s first endeavor, a small coffee kiosk that also developed film, opened in 1993, has evolved into four successful locations that serve Corvallis’ specialty coffee enthusiasts.

“The drive-thru coffee kiosk was a brand new concept at the time,” co-owner Paul Tostberg says. “We had no way of knowing that coffee would be a successful enterprise, so we developed film as well! As specialty coffee grew up, so did we — we dropped the film developing and focused on coffee, and eventually started roasting.”

The Tostbergs have been roasting coffee for their four locations since 2012, and have now decided to separate the two sides of the business, giving Holderness Coffee Roasters room to be the next household name in specialty coffee. “It seemed like the right time,” says co-owner Lisa Tostberg, “our cafes are very successful, and we have a great roasting team whose passions extend beyond our own shops. We’re excited to support those passions — traveling more frequently to origin, and cultivating relationships with importers and farmers.”

Roasting under the Holderness name is an evolution that reflects their values and expertise: Holderness is a family name that stands for a long history of hard work, strength, and the pursuit of perfection. The roastery operates under the same philosophy of excellence as their 23 years in the industry — constantly learning, improving, and roasting the best coffees with state of the art techniques. “We always seek opportunities to innovate, tinker, and try, that’s our strength,” says co-owner Paul Tostberg. “That’s the amazing thing about the specialty coffee industry — there will always be room to improve and innovate.” Holderness roasts each coffee to accentuate its unique qualities, highlight its terroir, but most importantly, taste delicious.

Holderness will debut with three coffees, one blend and two single origin coffees, all roasted to a balanced, yet lively medium. Stick House, Holderness’s signature blend, will be comprised of rotating, seasonal varietals roasted and blended to maintain a well-balanced and medium-bodied flavor profile, with mild fruit notes and chocolate, nutty overtones.

The two initial single origin offerings, representative of their respective regions, were chosen to showcase complex flavor profiles and Holderness’ roasting style. Hunkute from Sidamo, Ethiopia is floral and sweet with notes of white peach and black tea, concluding with a clean finish. Karagoto AA from Nyeri, Kenya is big bodied and complex with notes of dark fruit, chocolate, and cola.

Holderness coffees are available at Coffee Culture in Corvallis and online at www.HoldernessCoffeeRoasters.com. Soon, Holderness will be sold in specialty coffee shops and retailers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Suggested retail starts at $12, depending on origin. For samples and photography, contact Watershed Communications: (503) 827-6564.

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