HOUSTON, TEXAS—November 21, 2016— On the heels of a year dominated by expansion in Europe and Asia, advanced coffee and tea-brewing machine producer Alpha Dominche is continuously gaining ground right here in the U.S. The company’s iconic Steampunk was recently installed in three new retail locations in Houston alone.

Houston’s coffee scene is stirring and shop owners are focused on new, creative ways to stand out in a crowding market by providing unique experiences for their guests. Alpha Dominche’s iconic Steampunk is known for its unparalleled brewing technology and design, and the recent installation of the Steampunk in three new shops has quickly sparked interest among the city’s specialty coffee and tea industries.

Cafeza is a warm, Spanish-inspired coffee shop and wine bar located in the First Ward district. The owners recently installed the most expansive Steampunk model, the MOD4, which brews more than 60 cups of coffee per hour. It has quickly advanced the coffee and tea brewing experience and sparks great conversations about the brewing process, technology and design.Says Ken Selby, Front of House Manager, Cafeza:

“While the customer and barista feedback starts with amazement by its aesthetic appeal, there is no shortage of correlative compliments regarding the otherworldly taste of the brewed product.”

In Garden Oaks, the newly opened Slowpokes installed a custom built green Steampunk to give tea lovers a one-of-a-kind tea brewing experience. The Slowpokes team loves how the Steampunk’s innovate technology ensures delicious teas are brewed to perfection every time, and the brewing process displayed through the theatrical glass brewing chambers is a great conversation starter:

“The science behind the Steampunk is awesome. Since there is limited action needed once it’s going, it gives us the opportunity to talk to guests while we are brewing tea,” says Slowpokes founder JC Rubiralta.

Houstonians can experience the Steampunk’s theatrical brewing technology and perfectly brewed teas and coffees at Cafeza, Slowpokes, and Geva Coffee’s new showroom.

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