A new member to the BTCG team

Bobby the Coffee Guy Inc. is very pleased to announce the addition of Jerome Gray as our Coffee & Breakroom specialist.

With over 20 years’ experience working with both sales reps and coffee equipment, Jerome brings to our team an established reputation of honesty, diligence and exceptional customer service.

We are excited to work with Jerome as he heads our new initiative, to provide a highly specialized training program for OCS companies, across the US, that includes lead generation, sales management and training. We are confident that with Jerome’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, he will position these operators to substantially grow their business.

Please contact Jerome at 1-800-360-9830 extension 3 or jerome@bobbythecoffeeguy.com

Bobby The Coffee Guy Inc. (BCGI) is a newly established coffee and tea supplier. Although in operation only since June 2015, BCGI has quickly distinguished itself as a company of high integrity, exceptional customer service and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Our coffees are roasted using only the highest grades of Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffee growing regions. This ensures that the coffees we offer are always fresh and of superior quality.

Coffee has been compared to a language in itself. Let us speak this most beautiful, aromatic language to you each and every day.

BCGI also offers a wide selection of teas and hot chocolates.

“Samantha Cristoforetti (first Italian woman astronaut) had an espresso… that was out of this world” reported the NY Times in May 2015. With BCGI, you don’t need to go to ‘outer space’ to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Just click on any of our products and enjoy a premium product in the comfortable ‘inner space’ of your home. Check out our website at: bobbythecoffeeguy.com

“At Bobby the Coffee Guy, coffee is our passion. Let us make it yours”

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