josefine-milora-alex-enzbigilisNEW YORK CITY—December 14, 2016— Advanced coffee and tea-brewing machine producer Alpha Dominche announces the appointment of Alex Enzbigilis as the new Director of Sales.

Enzbigilis joins the Alpha Dominche management team with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the specialty coffee industry. He began his career as a barista in his hometown of Chicago, IL, a city rich with coffee history. Third wave coffee shops in the city’s diverse neighborhoods proved to be the perfect setting for Alex’s passion for specialty coffee as he immersed himself further in the industry as a technical specialist.

Having joined Alpha Dominche as the Lead Technician in 2015, Enzbigilis believes that it takes first-hand knowledge to develop products that are reliable and trustworthy.

He describes the transition into his new role as Director of Sales at Alpha Dominche as a “dream come true,” and further states:

“I care about our customers deeply, and want them to experience the same joy I do when serving them the best coffee and tea they have ever tasted. I want their guests to be wowed by our signature products, the Steampunk and SIGHT, and drawn to what is happening behind the cup. My hope is that the passion and experience I am bringing to this new role will benefit Alpha Dominche, and ultimately contribute to the entire success of the Specialty Coffee and Tea Industry.”
Alpha Dominche is an American company based in Brooklyn, New York. We design and build advanced coffee and tea brewing machines with equal emphasis on innovation and craftsmanship.
The Steampunk is our signature, and its parts are machined locally whenever possible. We are proud to work with other small-scale manufacturers contributing to the resurgence of creative industry in America.
Our approach to designing brewing equipment is inspired by our name, which means “first of its kind.” We created a brewing system that offers unprecedented extraction, temperature control and thermal stability. Our brew process allows baristas to serve coffee and tea with their own unique brew parameters and precise, balanced flavors that result in an extraordinary cup.

Our brewing machines offer a new path forward in the industry, bringing specialty coffee and tea to a larger community by transforming quality brewing into a streamlined and interactive process.


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