Innovative Sorting for Green and Roasted Coffee Industry

gabe-rieger-2016-ad-artwork-green-roasted-150dpiThe new Satake PIKASEN FMS2000 is a compact, cost-effective optical sorter ideal for the green and roasted coffee industries.  Satake focuses on solutions to meet the growing demand to add value in coffee processing lines.  Each year, processors are faced with several existing and potentially new bean defects, and it is critical that sorting machines be flexible enough to meet these unexpected defects. Whether that be from insect damage, the climate and weather, or other reason. This is where the FMS2000 will provide a quick return on investment.  A simple to use user interface creates defect profiles in a matter of minutes. Operators can quickly adjust machine settings based on unforeseen changes in the bean color or physical properties. The software will automatically reject beans that do not meet “good bean” criteria.

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