Cartel Coffee Delivered to Your Door: Arizona Roaster Announces Nationwide Subscription Service and E-Commerce Website

Tempe, Ariz. – It’s time. As Tempe-based, award-winning Cartel Coffee Lab continues to expand exponentially, so does its offerings for Arizona and the nation’s most discerning caffeine fans in the form of Cartel Edition.

For the first time in its history, the six-location coffee stop known for sourcing and roasting premium beans from across the globe is launching a subscription service, giving morning folks from coast to coast a chance to have Cartel’s top-notch desert-roasted coffees delivered directly to their doors.

Introducing Cartel Edition

Cartel Edition is adding to the way coffee drinkers home-brew by giving subscribers weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries of premium-quality, whole-bean coffees carefully curated by Cartel’s own Director of Coffee Production, Paul Haworth. Adventurously sourced from across the globe and roasted right here in the Sonoran Desert, Cartel Edition deliveries offer a revolving selection of some of the world’s most rare and flavorful coffees, and they include additional industry news and must-know brewing tips straight from the mouths of Cartel’s own roasters.

“Cartel has become a brand with national recognition,” said Cartel’s Director of Coffee Production Paul Haworth, on the decision to create a subscription service. “Our extended family of homebrewers across state lines have been wanting this for quite some time.”

Wired for E-Commerce

An additional perk of Cartel Edition comes in the form of the coffee shop’s freshly updated e-commerce platform, which is precisely designed and perfectly wired for ease of online shopping and ordering. Cartel Edition makes an ideal present for coffee connoisseurs, college students and anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of the global coffee trade and brewing processes.

“We figured out early on that there are coffee drinkers all over the country that love what we are doing,” Haworth said. “How we source, roast and brew coffee resonates with our fans and we’re continuously looking for ways to make our products more accessible.”

Presale Offer

Cartel fans looking to get in on the first Edition can visit on Monday, Nov. 28 and sign up with their email address to redeem Cartel’s presale offer of one free bag of whole bean coffee for the first 100 pre-subscribers who sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly subscription once the service officially launches. The full subscription service and first Cartel Edition whole-bean coffee shipment is set to deliver in early 2017. For more, visit

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