Lake Champlain Chocolates Debuts Four New Organic Bars at 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

BURLINGTON, VT (December 2016) – Roasted cacao nibs, spicy habanero, sweet honey, tart raspberry and boozy caramel are some of the irresistible flavors in Lake Champlain Chocolates’ newest additions to their organic chocolate bar line.

It’s Hot Honey
This bar combines the sweet flavor of Vermont honey with the spiciness of a habanero pepper, covered in 57% dark chocolate. “We’ve been using Vermont honey in our products since we started in 1983,” says Allyson Myers, Director of Sales and Marketing, “With the rising interest in natural sweeteners as well as the awareness of the significance of pollinators in our environment, it was important to us to introduce another product using honey.” This “hot honey” confection will attract new customers looking for innovative flavors as well as existing LCC fans who appreciate honey, caramel, and dark chocolate.

Moka Fleck
Initially released as a limited-edition, this bar was so popular, it has earned a place in the year-round line. “It’s like drinking a decadent mocha latte or café au lait, but in chocolate bar form “says Myers. The dark-milk chocolate blend of this bar with the punches of coffee offers an interesting and pleasing flavor profile that coffee and chocolate lovers alike will enjoy. The flecks of crunchy cacao nibs from Reserva Zorzal of the Dominican Republic, roasted in-house by LCC, add a surprise layer of bold flavor and texture.

Raspberries and Dark Chocolate
This bar delivers authentic raspberry fruit flavor— tart and crunchy— in a dark chocolate bar. A fresh approach to a timeless classic, Raspberry and Dark Chocolate will attract those looking for a more healthy indulgence and is a perfect afternoon or evening snack. “The Raspberry & Chocolate bar is a nice complement to our Raspberry Truffle bar, which has a more indulgent, luxurious filling,” says Myers.

Bourbon Caramel
A sultry and slightly smoky caramel is infused with Mad River Bourbon, from an up and coming Vermont distiller, and then covered with a dark-milk chocolate blend. “Exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients and LCC takes pride in collaborating with local producers to create products people love,” says Myers. “The demand for booze-infused confections remains strong and so we looked to our neighbors, Mad River Distillers, to create a new bar using one of their signature products.” The Bourbon Caramel bar will appeal to those interested in craft cocktails and small-batch liquors as well as chocolate and caramel lovers.

“Demand continues to grow for organic and fair trade certified products, even among more mainstream consumers,” says Myers. “While the on-trend flavors of these new bars will attract new customers, they are still approachable enough to appeal to our existing fans.” It’s Hot Honey, Bourbon Caramel and Raspberry and Dark Chocolate are particularly relevant with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

The bars are non-GMO, organic and fair trade certified. LCC is especially proud to continue the tradition of working with local producers as well as creating their own ingredients in-house, like the Dominican Republic roasted cacao nibs.

Meet the LCC team and taste new bars at Booth #765 at the Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Calif., January 22-24. The new bars feature an SRP of $4.99 and are available now for wholesale distribution and online retail.

All of Lake Champlain Chocolates’ products are Kosher-certified, free of preservatives, additives and use non-GMO and fair trade certified ingredients. For more about the Vermont chocolate maker, visit

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