HIKU: The Premium Hand Coffee Grinder

Hiku is an all-new, precision engineered hand coffee grinder for the discerning coffee enthusiast. Reimagined and designed literally from the grounds up, Hiku was conceived to be the new premium benchmark that reflects our obsessive attention to detail for purpose-built coffee hardware.

Our design team’s goal was to put the biggest, most efficient burrset in a handheld grinder that would still be astoundingly sleek and beautiful to hold in the hand. This revolutionary burrset was engineered from scratch and is wrapped in an exquisitely machined anodized aluminum body, subtly textured for comfortable use. A series of precision etched grind size markers instantly draws in the eye to reveal an infinitely stepless adjustment ring. Yet another feature unique to Hiku, it places continuous adjustment at your fingertips. An artfully sculpted walnut knob and machined handle make grinding an aural and tactile experience.

For all its beauty, the inside of Hiku conceals numerous unique technical firsts: a brand new, 41mm*, seven-fluted conical burr and patent pending shaft stabilization system. These elements work in conjunction with the aluminum chassis, stepless adjustment mechanism and food-safe hybrid stainless steel and ceramic bearings to maintain perfect concentricity for class-leading output and grind particle size distribution.

Hiku is a finely tuned instrument in the world of coffee hardware. We believe that its innovations combine artfully with a sophisticated and timeless design to make Hiku the most desirable hand coffee grinder available.

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