Three years and 150,000 GOAT Mugs later …

At GOAT STORY we are celebrating an important anniversary. Remember December 4th 2014? We do! It was on that day that we launched our first Kickstarter campaign with GOAT Mug, a uniquely shaped coffee mug that paid tribute to the goats that discovered coffee.

We’re so thankful to the goats that gave us the idea, as GOAT Mug was actually just the beginning of a wonderful story. It is now exactly three years since our journey to the world of coffee began and our passion just keeps growing. When we look back at this project today, we can only be excited to see GOAT Mug used in 95 countries worldwide, creating a community that now consists of almost 150,000 coffee lovers.

The coffee community made Goat Mug their own and quickly the coffee world poured over us and immersed us in specialty coffee. But it’s not just about a mug … yes, the GOAT Mug introduced us to the world of specialty coffee, but the buzz just kept us digging deeper and deeper. We kept exploring everything the coffee bean has to offer, driven by passion and the search for the special experience in coffee drinking. Every single time, with every single cup.


It’s now that far …

We’re on the verge of letting our second child go explore the world. This time it’s a girl. Three years after we took our first steps in the wonderful world of coffee, we are shipping out GINA, our second Kickstarter backed product, a smart coffee maker that takes the coffee experience to an even higher level. We had fun times when we saw her grow up into a big girl that is capable of making the best cup of coffee out there and even a few bad moments, when she misbehaved like a stubborn kid that won’t budge. But it’s time for her to see the world.

Some might say that our work is done and we can relax and pour us a cup of tasty coffee. No way, Jose!

We took off with a unique design story that went viral in the community. But it was always about our passion and respect for coffee that is now bigger than ever. Following our unique design approach we are already digging even deeper and working on the next step. We will not stop with our first or second successful product. We’re pushing forward towards a grand coffee story.

Thank you all for your support!

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